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Top Musicians Who Have Influenced Social Change - Essay Sample

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The world today is directed by the existence of music in our lives. There are people who have developed a passion for music and thus have ended up loving it. There are also those who just like the fact that music exists and they use it a soothing tool whenever they find themselves in depressive moments. Musicians who are born in the current world want to be able to come up with their unique kind of music which is different from the one that existed in the past generations. This happens to be the reason why many go to stores looking for the latest products to informed when it comes to music. Musicians are known to be people who have had an experience and have learned many things that people who are not musicians do not know. Even though music is a part of life, not even everyone is born with a drive of being an artist in that field.

Musicians are born with the ability to manage the time that they have efficiently, pass messages more efficiently and also live positively in the society. There is great importance that is attached to being able to read and also write music. There are various music genres, and they include, rock, RnB, blues, reggae, dancehall, country, hip-hop, Afro-pop, and pop. All the music genres have an artist who has made it in life and have had a breakthrough by composing music that people love. There are those who have been able to pass political messages to the people, others have socially constructed the society while others have made the world to break out with different dance styles. Since there are various artists with different abilities and talents concerning music, the current world needs to have one artist who bears the characteristics of all the musicians who were known to be popular and perfect. The current society needs a musician who bears the lyrics of Mary J. Blige, the melodies of Jennifer Hudson and a social impact of Sir Bob Geldof.

Mary J. Blige is a commonly known American Artist who works as a singer, an actress, a record producer, a rapper and also a songwriter. Blige began singing in the year 1989 when she realized that she had the talent of singing and therefore took it to the next level. The kind of songs that Blige writes has impacted the lives of many people in the society due to the way she chooses her wordings to come up with perfect lyrics. Blige has been able to grab over nine Grammy awards followed by over 31 nominations due to the lyrics that she uses while coming up with her music.

Blide ensures that the words are simple and people can sing along especially at the chorus parts. Looking at her hit song, "Each Tear," she was able to touch the souls of many as she was singing about the way people should not give up whenever they fall or face difficulties. This is seen in the verse where she sings, "In each tear, Brings you closer to your dreams, No mistakes, no heartbreak, Can take away what you're meant to be" (Williams, 1994). These lyrics show a lot of creativity and concern for the society. Even though they did not have any rhyme scheme, they still passed a message that was necessary for the society.

The other lyrics that shows a lot of creativity and dedication to music by Blige was still in the "Each Tear" song. The line state, "We can't change the things/That we did that's in the past/But fighting won't get us anywhere. So if you want, Here's my hand" (Williams, 1994). This is a clear depiction of the fact that Blige wants to have a society where people are caring and always ready to support each other at all times. The Lyrics that she uses are appropriate since many people are undergoing hardships in the current world and they need someone to motivate them. Therefore, a musician who is lyrically fit like Blige would be appropriate for the contemporary society especially when he is she is composing songs that are related to the people.

Melody is a crucial component and effect that comes along with the music. Melody makes people keep thinking about a particular song and also make some dance moves to show excitement in the way it flows. Jenifer Hudson is an artist who has been exceptional when it comes to composing music that is melodious and one that meets the needs of the people concerning the rhythm (Alex, 2017). Hudson was a musical artist who began her music career in the year 2004 and had been able to take over the minds and hearts of many by using her melodious songs.

Hudson was a singer, songwriter and also a spokesperson who majored in RnB and soul genres of music. The melodies that are attached to the songs that she writes are generally soothing and has led to the establishment of many dance groups who dance to her songs. "Think Like a Man" is a song that Hudson did with Ne-Yo and had a breakthrough since it had a dramatization of all the lyrics that were connected to it. The feedback that came from the listeners stated that they were able to sing along the chorus of the song and the melody that it had was what made them use it as a theme song for movies that were produced in that year. There are also companies that went ahead to develop mobile phones that had a "Think Like a Man" melody (Alex, 2017). Therefore, getting an artist or musician who can come up with music that is melodious and lyrical like Jenifer Hudson would be appropriate for the society.

Sir Bob Geldof was exceptional in the way he was able to move the society using music. He had a tremendous social impact that made people to always wait for the next songs that he was about to reals ease after a given period. Geldof was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1986 because he was a political activist who used music to drive the people towards societal success. The song "Do they know it's Christmas?" was commonly known and embraced by people since it had all the elements of socialization and ensured that the society was connected with the same motive. Geldof was an anti-poverty activist in Africa where he worked under Live Aid and was able to raise millions of money as a way of alleviating poverty. In the song "Do they know Its Christmas?" has lyrics that state, "And in our world of plenty/We can spread a smile of joy/Throw our arms around the world/At Christmas time" (Band Aid, 2018). Geldof did this song as a way of reminding people that peace was supposed to be the order of the day and that socialization was supposed to be embraced not only at Christmas but at all times (Jamoroki, 2015). He wanted to see a society that banished all the bad behaviors and took hold of the necessities of the society. Having a musician who can generate a significant a social impact like Sir Bob Geldof would be necessary because that is what the society needs.

On the contrary to all these, some societies still do not need artists who are lyrically fit or those who can come up with melodious songs. All that they want is just to have a musician who can sing without any rhythm but still a message that they need. There are also communities that are regarded as laggards as they are rigid to change and they maintain the ancient aspects of music. They have not changed with the changes that come along with technology and the needs of the society. In that case, a musician who is lyrical sane, melodious in songs and also generates social impact would not be appropriate for them in any way.

In conclusion, music is the best way to interact with the society since it cuts across some fields. Music is a way of expressing deep feelings and also political arguments that the society needs to understand. A perfect is music is one that has lyrics that are meaningful and impact the society positively. At the same time, music needs to be melodious so that people and be able to feel it at heart and also sing along due to the sweetness that it brings along. The society is in a position where it needs a musician who bears all the three characteristics. One who can impact the society socially, one who can devise lyrics that are meaningful and one whose songs are melodious.



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