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Essay Example on Batman Character - Change of Identity

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Although Batman Character was viewed as a traditional hero, he has got more complexity that can be contrasted and one may end up not considering him a hero. Batman Character adopted the duties and responsibilities of Gotham's saviour. With this adoption, his actions were questioned due to the methods he used during this adoption. Batman Character was mentally unstable, and this raised eyebrows and also exposed his darker and more animal-like qualities. Moreover to this Batman Character has become a guardian angel of the people of Gotham by no means at all (Jilian 344).

The drive and hunger for power caused the Batman Character to impose himself as a leader of the people of Gotham. Notably, the dissolution of the identity of Batman Character occurred uniquely. About the play trilogy, we see Bruce Wayne's identity changing, and he is becoming a Batman Character leader. With this change, he starts to embrace the character of Batman Character (Sharon 35). Batman Character realized that he cannot survive and live in the social system while at the same time he was the one responsible was disrupting the social system. Ideally, Batman Character has started seeing a sense of his action in Gotham to be more of a negative effect than for the good of the social system, but this happened later after the change of identity. He wants to provide justice in the social system. With this, there was a need for a change of his identity. This prompted Batman Character to decide between his of two identities or to embrace a spiritual and maybe a physical death as the film indicates (Mark 47).

Batman Character influence individuals like Wayne to seek for the second identity; this is seen after the beginning of the Batman Characters acts. Waynes both parents were murdered without any apparent reason. Wayne was hungry for vengeance which made him come with a gun during the trial of his parents killer. He sees this as an option if in any case justice is not done to the murderers. In contrast to what Wayne expects, the murderer realizes by the justice department. Wayne is disappointed but walks away hoping to seek revenge in future because he believes that the murderer still existed in the social system (Brooker 88).

Batman Character is enshrined with "darkness, and he has been looking for this for long now. Wayne decided to go out of Gotham and has trained in the martial arts. He has now come back again to Gotham to save the people of Gotham from corruption and evil. At this point, Wayne begins to show and prove his vigilant character by saying that changes cannot be affected by following the little rules of Gotham. The people needed something more than just the rules of the land. He realizes that to inspire change in the people, Wayne needs to rise above the people and provide a new symbol of Gotham. According to him, this symbol was incorruptible and would be everlasting. He chooses to behave like a bat, a move that was terrifying to the people of Gotham. This after he unveiled his mask that made him look like a bat and thereby calling himself a Batman Character that needed to save the people of Gotham. The way was recognized for his fame in the streets for these of his actions (Kevin 67).

In conclusion, Wayne changed his identity due to the injustices he experienced when his parents were murdered. He had to change his identity to seek revenge and also to provide justice to the entire people of Gotham. He changed from Bruce Wayne to the so-called Batman Character.


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