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To Ride Pegasus - A Literary Essay Example

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To ride Pegasus is an assortment of four short stories all about what might happen if psychic powers of various kinds were proven scientifically, and an institute formed to develop and exploit these capabilities and protect those who possess them. In the first story, the tale of creating the institute to preserve and strengthen psychic powers, the difficulty of finding a suitably secluded space in the crowded city. Henry the astrologer and molly, the nurse, has realized their super-power nature and believes that there are other people in the world with the same powers. They decide to establish a center that recognizes and promote such talents what makes them face many difficulties to achieve it (McCaffrey 23). The establishment of a Talent Center is intended to encourage persons with psionic powers that will be useful scientific fiction in the future.

When Henry wanted to hire Ralph to join their center, Mac was against it. In his view, the saw Ralph as a character that cannot fit in any workplace following his background. Just like any other person, Henry knew Ralph as a product of a reform school and a correctional institution. Even though people had a negative thought about Ralph, Henry had a different opinion. According to him, the man had psychic powers that should be nurtured into the useful thing (McCaffrey 31). Henry believes that Ralph acquired this talent while in those reform and correctional facilities. In as much as the society rejected Ralph and his ability, Henry and the team are ready to nurture the talent. It is the first instance where the quote has been applied. In the quote, it is clear that they can help whoever they can at any time. With their psychic powers, they have realized that Ralph can contribute a lot to the development of the world hence nurturing his talent may not be as dangerous as others view it. They are ready to take him in and work together. According to Henry, Ralph can do various thing simultaneously especially those that require multiple actions. Ralph in his opinion has not reformed thoroughly but can now purchase legally the stuff he used to heist. Henry believes helping him to nurture his talent would be better than rejecting him as the society did.

They have refused to renew henrys lease contract yet he is ready to pay any amount money needed. The people, that is, other tenants seem scared with his superpower nature (McCaffrey 43). Since Henry can foresee what would happen in the future, the people see him as a prophet of doom hence want him off the place. With Henry, he envisioned all these things before they took the site and is not surprised with any of these. Since Frank has known him for fourteen years, he is wholly convinced that Henry knew all that before. Henry already knows the thoughts of Mrs. Walter concerning him hence very sure of why his lease contract cannot be renewed. To convince these that he is just but an ordinary man, he tries to convince these people that he has no powers to read peoples mind (McCaffrey 46).

In his statement, Henry claims that he cannot even tell what is about to happen in his life. Henry is trying to ascertain the quote where it states, "We are not God. Nor are we trying to replace God. Henry believes that his talent is not people but rather the future mass. According to him, people should not fear or get scared of him because of his psychic nature. They should instead see him as part them. Whatever he does now has no impact on the current generation but will affect the future (McCaffrey 48).

George Henner is curious to know why Henry wants Dai op Owen on their team. He believes Mr. Darrow with his psychic powers has foreseen him as his successor. George in his small thinking thinks that Henry can recognize and solve all the problems that might occur in the future what Darrow disputes. To Henry, things are never easy because the establishment of the parapsychic talent center is just but one of the processes with many other things left unresolved. After raising the talent center into the discernible scientific basis, they would need the support from an organization if not the government to fund their project to make them self-reliant (McCaffrey 57).

Since the agency is a private one, they did not want to involve the state where the taxpayers money will be consumed. They intend to train the Talented that would take long since they have to recognize these talents and the train the individuals what calls for the development of more efficient methods (McCaffrey 59). They know the public may not accept the Talented, but they intend to use a strategic PR program to ensure they accustom to it. It proves the part of the quote stating, The psionic arts are preventative, not miraculous (McCaffrey 63). He believes that they must find a way to determine the worth of these people to the public following the right channel. Henry thinks that following their human nature, they must help those they recognize their talents despite their origin or where they are. They must establish a legal protection for the super-powers to enable the work freely in the society (McCaffrey 67).

The quote entirely centers on part 1 of the book that concentrates on the talented group and how Henry and Molly plan to help them nurture the talents. Henry has psionic powers that enable him to predict the future including his time of death. With these capabilities, he believes that there are other people like him that the society cannot recognize their talents therefore in most cases would be rejected. He thinks people with extrasensory ability would be of great use in future what even the government may not realize at the moment. After his accident, Henry and Molly decide to establish a parapsychic talent center where they can bring together all those with psionic powers and train them on how to utilize these talents for the growth of the society. By establishing this center, the two also wanted to prove to the authorities that everyone usually has a role to play in the nation. Following Ralph case, it is clear that things happen in peoples lives with reasons. Other may use the happenings in your experience to judge who you do not know that may define your entire life. It describes the scientific-fiction that many may not believe in but it is real and exist even in the current world.


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