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Hamlet: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated bibliography
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Hamlet is one of the interesting plays that Shakespeare authored. The majority of readers of the play understand Hamlet in a personal way. Hamlet the character in the play has shown many dimensions of life and that it is hard for critics to come to an agreement regarding his true personality. It is difficult to understand the personalities of most characters in the play because the language in use is complex. For example, every time analysts attempt characterize Hamlet, they differ in the opinions because they investigate different personality. In most literature books, it is interesting to investigate characters with paradoxical nature. In the text, hamlets personality changes as the text advances. In a personal view, Hamlet is an enthusiastic and energetic personality. The author of the text make Hamlet appears controversial because he seems to understand life but he becomes depressed easily.


Clutton-brock, A., &., Robertson,J.M.(2014). Shakespeares Hamlet Bound with The Problem.

In this source, the author discussed the unique characters of Hamlet. The author provides a broader perspective regarding the different characters in the story and their individual roles in the play. After reading the text, it clear that Hamlet participated in many events in the text and thus it hard to describe his personality from one perspective. The author uses Hamlet to make the reader understand the Danish society. The article exposes the roles of all the characters in works of Shakespeares and their unique personalities in the text. The article provides a level foundation for all types of readers because it has an introduction sections body and a conclusion. The article, review the entire writing life of Hamlet and difficulty in characterizing most of his work. The article provides a list of books of Shakespeares and the best approaches to the reading and understanding most of the works of Shakespeares. The text laid foundation on the entire play. The article explains how Shakespeare set the characters to bring clear the themes in the play.

Kinney, A. F. (Ed.). (2013). Hamlet: Critical Essays (Vol. 23). Routledge

The article reviews the entire play and a picture of Shakespeare as a writer. The article provides a wider perspective of ways to describe the characters in the play. The author of the article provides the list of characters in Hamlet and the unique role they play to ensure the success of the play. The author describes the entire text Hamlet and various approaches to understand the role of Hamlet as a character in the pay. In the essays, the author praises the articulate nature of Shakespeares on all of his work and the importance of adapting the different perspective in understanding the books authored by Shakespeare's. The article contrasts the different roles of the characters in the play to real the uniqueness of characters such as Hamlet in the play. The article provides a quid the readers on how to read the work of Shakespeare, understand the different characters and the themes in the play. Reading the article is an opportunity to understand the world in using different perspectives. The article provides a clear plot for the play and evidence for the different personalities of the characters in the text. The text contains the reviews of other scholars on Shakespeares literature. The article integrates Shakespeares characterization and background information that influences his work as play and novel writer.

Kwon, H. C., & Shim, K. H. (2017). An Improved Method of Character Network Analysis for Literary Criticism: A Case Study of< Hamlet>. International Journal of Contents, 13(3)

The article uses the play, Hamlet to explain how to characterize the actors in the play. In the article, it is apparent that Shakespeare assigned more roles to major characters such as Hamlet because they carry most tasks in the text. In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare uses his power of language to speak through the characters regarding. In the article, the authors provide tips to the readers regarding how to understand the personalities of character from the eyes of other characters. In the authors of the article, express the fact that the works of Shakespeare are hard to understand. In this case, the article provides a wider view on how to approach characterization in the works of Shakespeare.

Williamson, C. C. (2013). Readings on the Character of Hamlet: Compiled from Over Three Hundred Sources (Vol. 36). Routledge

The article contains different approaches to characterization of actors in different stories. In the article, the author discusses the roles of different characters in the Hamlet and classification of actors as either major or minor. Hamlet is the main character in the play and helps readers understand the nature of life in the Danish community. The articles explain the different approaches that Shakespeare used to depict the characters of the actors in the play. Some the strategies of that Shakespeare used to tell of the personalities of the characters includes the actions of the characters, what other characters say about other characters and the involvement of characters on specific issues in the play. Reading the article provide an opportunity to understand the play and the different roles of the actors. The article provides a summary of the works of Shakespeares thus making reading the play an easy task. Often, people find it difficult to understand the works of Shakespeare because of the complex language. However, the article provides a summary of the text and characters thus making characterization easier.

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