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Threat Assessment in College Settings - Paper Example

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George Washington University
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Shared responsibility, shared ownership and decreased liability: The government agencies have the confidence to know that they do not shoulder the weight of decision making alone and instead they are in good company where there is a room for consultation and support.

Expeditious but methodical: A threat assessment plan can turn around time in hours enabling necessary intervention, supervision, and efficient safety planning.

Multi-agency, multi-discipline: Teaming during the process of threat assessment leads to various professional resources and perspectives.

Collaboration: a threat assessment leads to community support that reduces the worry and pressure among the agencies participating.

It leads to supervision and interventions strategies that address the risks accurately and fits the situation.

Explain the core elements of a threat assessment plan (150words)

Assessment requirements defined by the committee and all-encompassing of integrated tasks in different contexts with quality of feedback and increased depth.

Direct and indirect observation: This is important in programmatic assessment and may involve purposeful sampling to provide fitness and quality of data for learning purposes.

Actionable, narrative, and actual recorded feedback that can enhance the relationship between receivers and providers of feedback. Including the feedback into practice is also important.

Stages and development of growing entrustment, made possible by entrustment decisions: The entrustment decisions need to be based on the clear evaluation of the existing observable performance and focused on the capability of trainee transfer to other situations that are unfamiliar without further direct supervision. The trainees must meet the goals of the threat assessment plan, if not; the milestones must be analyzed to realize the areas that require further learning.

The assessment requirements that must be considered include an assessment plan, Entrustable professional activities (EPAs), each milestone that supports EPA, and an assessment and curriculum map.

Discuss the use of technology in threat assessment in 600words, by addressing the following:

Identify the types of technology that is being used for threat assessment by local, state, and federal LE agencies.

Identify the technologies being used by the emergency management and private threat protection fields.

Give examples of the technologies and how the technology is used in threat management.

Assess the viability or effectiveness of the various technologies used by these threat management fields.

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