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The Terrifying Scene of a Terror Attack - Essay Sample

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The photo below provides a glimpse of how horrendous a terror attack looks like. The picture is a good caption that shows an immediate scene of a terror attack with victims and background damage showing the impact and cruelty of man against other men.

Shocked and horrified by the screams of the victims and those trying to save those that can be saved, with the big bang sound of the blast still playing in my head and my eyes still trying to make sense of the lifeless bodies lying covered with dust and debris. The wailing of men, women, and children as they call for help from the same mankind that has been unjust to them. Slaughtering the young and the old, women and men, educated and the uneducated people of all walks killed by an act of terror. The light of the day is overshadowed by the big dark smoke that decorates the sky and the surrounding environment around the scene of the blast. Men crying for help in pain as their voices are drowned by the raging screams of the people around the scene. The fire consumes and destroys in a couple of minutes what men spent weeks and months to build. Property is destroyed by same men who spend all their lives to build. Young and old lives perish in vain as they are consumed by fire caused by the darkness in some men.

What used to be a busy highway with people leading their normal lives turned into a trap that destroys and ends the souls of men. They will be moaned by their loved ones and missed in equal measure. Men cry for help as first responders to the terror scene are in shock of what they can see in front of them. The body parts of men, women, and children scattered on the ground together with their dear belongings. Whereas some are willing to stop and look at the scene and those suffering on the ground as they await ambulances to ferry them to the nearest hospitals others speed off past the scene in fear and disbelief. Using a single explosive targeting a busy transit road, men with dark hearts destroy mans creation and precious life that is given by God. Scared for their lives some people drive past the terror attack scene with car wheels screeching in range and torque.

A strong smell of burning plastic, human flesh and metal fill the air as the sky is covered by the billowing smoke and dust from a vehicle that was the primary target of the attack. The face of the man on the ground frowned with pain and desire to be rescued from imminent death through excessive breeding. A lifeless body lies near the accident scene dying already dead due to the impact of the blast that has strewn debris in the near vicinity. The road protectors dislodged and thrown meters from the terror scene showing the magnitude of the blast and the damage ensuing the blast. The man who lay on the ground groaning in pain and regret probably not to walk ever again. Nothing could be more heartbreaking like a man crying for help which you cannot provide at the time. The horrendous and extent of the accident showing how fragile the life of a man can be in the hands of terrorists.

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