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Review of Aztecs: Engineering an Empire

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Movie review
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Engineering an Empire is an excellent film since it covers the civilization whereby only a few westerners are familiar with. The Aztecs ruled the Central Mexico during a time when Michelangelo was carving David. They experienced a booming civilization with its capital on an island along a lake which is now under Mexico City. Notably, it was one of the various regular urban centers with streets, lakes, market centers with bins full of beans, unique buildings, poppers, squash, and other food commodities. Agricultural activities were carried out on artificial Islands which was constructed using reeds tired together and concealed with soil. Nonetheless, the history of Aztecs and the neighboring tribes is meant to remind the audience of the past groups that dominated the area. The Aztecs were the last group of people to develop hegemony over a large area.

In this series, I will be reviewing the great empires in light of their architecture and engineering. The program depicts that the Egyptian engineers who built the unique building structures were essentially learning by doing. As a consequence, the buildings that have survived the test of the time looks so astonishing today. In other words, this work seeks to examine the worlds prime civilizations as well as acknowledging the significant achievements of the engineers that enhanced the rise of each empire and a lasting legacy in todays world.

The film shows the religion of both Maya and Aztec to be of significant both economically and civilizations. However, both groups were being biased for advocating for human sacrifice with the intent of pleasing the gods. They constructed the pyramids so that they could honor their gods. However, they failed to respect the human life.

In the past eras, great kingdoms were developed from nothing and transformed to be the mighty empires. Peter Weller is the main act of the movie; he explores the world to illustrate the engineering feats that enhanced some of the most significant civilizations that have never been witnessed before. The film applies computer graphics to examine the architectural, cultural, and political glory of the nations dominant empires. The Aztec engineers experienced various challenges while building the city of Tenochtitlan since water surrounded it. They overcame this challenge by digging up the fresh swampy lakes and covering the water surface with mud and lake materials so that to develop an island, waterways, as well as the drained fields also referred to as the Chinampas. As a result, this process generated a very fertile land for agriculture and enhanced the development of the city of Tenochtitlan.

One aspect of Aztec engineering that caught my attention was their ability to build an empire that lasted for centuries. For instance, the Maya, Aztec, and Inca empires were among the kingdom that thrived for ages. In the past, several individuals have come together to develop civilizations; however, they were all eliminated while the Aztec engineers structures lasted for decades. Moreover, their farming skills were advanced. In that, they had the skills of getting water from the mountains, and it was used for irrigation despite Mexico being a dry land.

The video played a critical role since it helped in the understanding of Aztec culture. The film explores several civilizations throughout the history by analyzing the structure, machines, and the buildings developed by the engineers during that era. Nonetheless, the video shines new light on subjects that illustrate the Aztec culture. Such subjects involve the use of animated cities, buildings, and war machines which depicts the ancient arts and feats of the Aztec civilization. To sum up, Engineering an Empire illustrates what all empires should obtain so that they can fit the status of being a superpower empire. With the development of technology and the engineering sector, the Aztecs developed a base of their culture through their artistic and written world.

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