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SWOT EFE Analysis of Liberty Hospital in Kansas - Paper Example

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Liberty Hospital in Kansas City is recognized as one of the comprehensive medical centers that are offering full range services, with compassionate staffs and up to date technology that provides outstanding care. Being that Liberty Hospital is a public hospital that was built to offer service to the community as a district hospital, the hospital has been in place to offer various services of all stages and all ages of life. It started as a one hundred and thirty-bed facility, but currently, the hospital is recognized as a state of two hundred and twenty-six-bed hospital with more than three hundred and thirty physicians who are covering the medical specialties.

With the current globalization and stiff competition, it is important for any organization to strategically plan and manage the external and internal factors that play a significant role in efficient operation (Amelung & Stein, 2017). Being that SWOT analysis was initially developed and conceived with a basic principle of helping managers build their business strategies, it has played an essential role in appraising the external and the internal determinant in identifying the general organizational performance. Narrowing focus on Liberty Hospital in Kansas City, some of the external factors include government legislation, competition, social expectation and the changing trends while the internal factors include human resource capabilities, leadership talent, the effectiveness of Liberty Hospital procedures and policies as well as the Hospitals culture(Lai & Duncan, 2001).

With the hospital mission being to affiliate the organization with the communities that the hospital is serving when it comes to improving their welfare and healthcare access, some of the external factors that has presently and has a potential of making an enormous impact in the future include; the multi-diverse cultural, healthcare and economic climate service Area in the surrounding fourteen counties of Northwest Missouri and North Kansas City.

Some of the critical success factors that pertain to the external environment include a continued organizational expansion that has played an important role in covering and ensure proper service is offered to serving the multi-diverse cultural society (Hamdan, 2017). Due to the various cultural background, the expansion will make sure the various cultural indifference is carefully handled and better strategies put in place to solve the cultural indifference (El Fakhri, 2017). Socially, the hospital is building a new sports medicine complex and has considered some of the challenges women face in that community by building womens imaging center. Economically, the institution is working on building one of the improved internal process guidelines of core measures and various standard of care provision that will be important in maintaining fiscal responsibility and facilitate reimbursement.

Considering the external SWOT, some of the external opportunities include the regional partnership with the community in general and nongovernment organization which have decided to support the hospital through donation and adopting better strategies for improvement. Additionally, Liberty Hospital in Kansas City has provided a greater opportunity to nurse recruitment and physician from the region. The institution has maintained educational community and regional partnership that has played an important in ensuring competent staff is introduced into the organization.

On the other hand, some of the external threats within the healthcare planning include staff turnover, and this has become one of the greatest threat since it goes down the chain by affecting nurse and physician recruitment. The numbers of staffs who are leaving the job are very high, and a have hence affected the recruitment cost. Lastly, unfunded mandates have also become a major threat, preventing growth and slowing down infrastructural development.

Based on the SWOT analysis and the external factors liberty hospital should work on coming up with better strategic plans that are capable of fulfilling both needs of the community and organization in general. Finally, new process and practices guidelines should be put in place to address opportunities, threats, and weaknesses.


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