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About the People of San Diego - Paper Example

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San Diego has a population of about 1,441, 630 people and its a densely populated area with over 4,300 people per square mile

The median age of the people living in San Diego is 33.9, which is lower than the median age of the US which is at 37.4

majority of the population are white with 43.7% comprising of the white, the black comprises about 7% of the population, 0.3% are the native American, 16.4% are the Asian and the rest comprise of the other population.

The married person in San Diego stands at 45.3%, with the single population comprising the majority. Moreover, the divorced person stands at 10%.

The household size of the people in San Diego averagely is at 2.7, without of the 34.75% married couples with children, whereas 16.2% of the single comprising the population with children.

Financial Resources of San Diego

San Diego has tourism industry as one of the major industry as a result of the good climate, beaches as well as attracting centers of tourists such as San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, and SeaWorld San Diego.

It is permitted by the US to transact as a Foreign Trade zone thus conducts a lot of international trade through its commercial port that facilitates imports and exports (Davis, 1992).

San Diego is home to a number of some companies, especially those that specialize in the wireless cellular technology e.g. Qualcomm, Nokia and LG electronics that provide employment to most of the population.

The city is endowed by real estate with the annual median financial status of a house at $520,000.

The defense and military have continuously aided in the provision of security to conduct business and run the economic activities. Moreover, it has contributed significantly to the provision of employment to most of the population.

Functional Health Pattern Assessment of San Diego as a community

About 33% of the San Diego population is overweight

26% of the population in San Diego is obese.

The children in grade 3, 5 and 7 are obese in San Diego schools.

Over 4.8% of the kids have missed more than one of the vaccines, where over 1900 children are unimmunized in most families out of the43, 000.

The most profound death causes in San Diego are heart diseases, malignant neoplasm's, diabetes, suicide, pneumonia, and cirrhosis.

Childhood obesity in San Diego

Over a third of the 5th, 7th and 9th graders in San Diego schools are obese or overweight.

Younger students are more vulnerable to obesity with 16.7% obese and about 17% overweight.

Hispanic students who were 23% were found to be more obese compared to the whites who were 8.9%.

Economic existing conditions contributed significantly to about 23% of the economically disadvantaged found to be obese in contrast to the 11% of the ones from economic stable homes.

Inadequate wellness policies, regular physical activities, and nutrition were some of the major causes of high childhood obesity in San Diego (Sherman, 2006).

Drug use in San Diego: Assessment Findings

There has been an increase in the number of deaths resulting from the prescription of a drug overdose.

There have been reports of crime resulting from drug abuse, with over 25cases reported annually of robbers breaking into pharmacies to access opioids.

Heroin usage has been on an increase with, with men arrested in as victims at 10%, women 12% and minors were 3%.

Cocaine usage was ranked third from the drug items analyzed with its ready availability even at the streets.

There has been an increase in the use of methamphetamine with a high admission treatment admission in the hospital.

Sexuality/reproductive functional assessment of San Diego

Sexual and reproductive functions are more disrupted among women with injuries related to the spinal cord.

Psychological concerns are considered as a contributor to sexual dysfunctions, for instance, low esteem.

Male sexual dysfunctions are not so common compared to women and solvable by taking of proper medicine.

More men are afraid of coming out and speaking the problems to the medical specialists for further treatment.

It is virtually possible for every male to regain reproductive function if he wishes, where more than 50% have been assisted.

Community Role/Relationship/Community Service in San Diego

The city council of San Diego has a strict policy on needle exchange programs which discriminates on the program as operated by public entities (Winslow, 2005).

There is a community development grant program that funds projects.

There exists a homeless service that assists the citys homeless community.

The city is also tasked with the role of responding dynamic needs of the communities.

All leaders are mandated with the task of excising the effective role of leadership and ensuring quality life.

Strategies for coping with stress in the community

Talking to others by sharing the problems and experiences

Taking a break and leaves in life and events where you think you are at the optimum level of life

Taking care of your health and welfare by Eating healthy food and nutrition

Avoid drugs and substances abuse as well as alcohol, since they create additional problems.

Attending regular professional supervision such as seeking advice from a counselor.

Community role/relationship/diversity

Ensuring contribution to the cultural diversity in the community

To appreciate the diverse traditions celebrated and cultural aspects.

Treating others equally and like you would like to be treated (Grant, 2003).

Activity in enquiring and seeking clarification and new innovative ideas to impact change.

Being committed to advancing the cultural competency to promote cultural continuity.


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