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Sociology Essay on Kinship and Class

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Karl Max explanation of class as a system social stratification is more convincing compared to the other three theories. According to Max, there are only two classes in the modern society (Ferguson, 2012). The two categories include the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Bourgeoisie owns the production sector such as businesses factories as well as equipment required to create wealth while the proletariats are the primary workers in their production industries. Marx believes that bourgeoisie who are the capitalist in the society hugely exploit the workers. In his theory, Marx claims that the bourgeoisie class pays the proletariat wages that is only enough to cater for their food and residences. However, the workers do not realize that they are being exploited due to their fall consciousness that they are well off.

Marx however, hypothesized proletariat revolution. Marx argues that as bourgeoisie grows wealthier proletariat class would come back to their conscience and develop a class of shared identity due to the exploitation experience (Ferguson, 2012). Therefore, through unity, they will be able to rise against the richer class in what is known as global revolution. After the rebellion, the proletariat would own the production sector turning the world into a communist. Everything will be owned equally by everybody.

Karl Marx theory on stratification is different from other theories in that he based his ideas on the modern societies while other theorist applied tradition structure to stratification. Marx explains that the inequalities that exist between two people are the main reason why there is democracy thereby creating social stratification. According to Marx, the inequality which represents the "struggling class" should be understood or viewed as a social stricture. However, other structure views social class regarding gender, ethnicity, and beliefs (Ferguson, 2012).

Karl Marl approach on the theory of the system of stratification is more convincing because of his argument his arguments on labor theory as compared to other theories. He argues on the economic value of labor that was being offered to the rich by the proletariat. In his analysis in talks of how exploitation can lead to revolution making his theory presents itself has a low of history hence more convincing compared to other theories.

The theory of class as a system social stratification by Karl Marx can still be used to examine class in today's world. Globally, a significant number of people still languish in poverty as they live below one dollar per day. Therefore, the majority of people who own big factories and production sector are the wealthy living in posh areas. Hence, the rich are still capitalizing on the poor and their lack of consciousness to exploit them. Due to the increasingly global nature of societal interconnections, the approach will not be useful in examining class systems in future societies because the proletariats will be able to gather more wealth and join the league of the bourgeoisie (Ferguson, 2012). Therefore, the communist will be able to gain back their consciousness and stop the exploitation.

Due to the increasingly global nature of societal interconnectedness, there will be no need for more approaches to be used in examining the class system of social stratification. A majority of people will be in the class of bourgeoisie where everybody dictates where to stay, what to put on and the car to drive. Approximately everybody will be in the capitalist class hence making the classification impossible.


Ferguson, S. J. (Ed.). (2012). Race, gender, sexuality, and social class: Dimensions of inequality. Sage.

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