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The People of Color and Equality in City Government

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Most politicians we have today in the government were born when the blacks were protesting during the world local movement. The fight continues today, and the minorities have been finding ways to get into the political system, which has been dominated by white people. The methods were not achieved easily as even in the most abundant of cities there were forces that were turning them back. The minorities formed coalitions which were based on a single to ensure that they were elected to public offices too. They were however, based on general interests to ensure they could last longer.

To achieve the equal rights of minorities in the country, the members of the civil rights movement had to work harder with passion and commitment. The great deal was achieved throughout their 1970s movement whereby most of the goals were reached. During that period, whites supported minorities in obtaining their fundamental civil rights. Nevertheless, they did not help them in the detection of economic agenda which was signed after the state power had been used to vote the integration of learning institutions. When the conservative presidents were elected, the organizations that supported the black civil rights lost their connection to the government which caused a reduction in their activities. However, the coalitions that were formed had strong political forces that enabled them to elect increasing numbers of the minority into leadership positions such as city councils. However, there has been infighting occurring among the minorities which can result in loss of political viability.

In the United States, people who are representing minorities in the local power positions are becoming fewer due to the population growth. But there have been problems arising while new minorities try to get into power causing them to depend on support from alliances and intergroup. The case of African American political fortunes has been hard as there is still racism in American urban society making the African American politicians stand apart from their ethnicity especially when it comes to governance itself. For instance, when the first demographic was done during the 1960s to 1970s African American flocks to the urban areas to vote while whites fled to the suburbs. The results were segregated among the whites and minorities resulting in increasing of political power to African American voters.

In the country, there was a time when profound changes occurred to the organization of the urban economy. The manufacturing jobs were outsourced because large businesses required cheap labor. Therefore, downtowns became depressed socially and economically while cities were finally broke. The situation led to the inner cities which were inhibited by African American to lose everything and despite that fact they were still significantly taxed to cover up for the fall in the local economy which was caused by industrial loss. To save their communities from this hit, officials from African American public created campaigns with the aim of improving the economy. But, for them to be elected, they required support from white so that they can gain electoral base. However, the electoral coalition of minority and white voters generated problems for a delicate balancing of competing needs was needed.

Many institutional and political problems were unusually obstructionist for African American leaders who primarily involved intransigent members of city council. There was little that could be done for such circumstances due to the cemented political coalitions. The relations improved over the time while the white voters realized black voting were not leaving and the candidates were gaining power. And they began to support them. The more African American politicians were elected to public offices, the idea became usual making those once opposed to being comfortable with that fact. The race is still a factor in elections as it plays a major role. But, despite the fact that there are still difficulties and problems that need to be resolved, the greatest change that has occurred in the twentieth-century has been blacks being elect to power in the country of whites.

In conclusion, it is clear that racism in the United States has been a big problem despite the African American trying their best to fight it in all ways. The blacks leaders in the public offices have made younger generations of the minority to realize that they are capable holding such position too. Nevertheless, when they come up to the campaign, they are turned down which is leading to fewer leaders of the minority in the city governments. Since people depend on support from the alliances, they need coalitions. Therefore, for these coalitions to remain unbroken, minority needs to work on increasing their representation. Lately, there are many elected African American leaders in the public offices. While on the other hand whites have accepted it after realizing how blacks population is increasing. However, it is essential to know that race was viewed in different aspects and it is something that still needs to be resolved.

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