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The Interrelationship Between Success, Failure, Needs, and Motivation - Essay Example

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The topic I am interested in writing is the interrelationship between success, failure, needs, and motivation. Motivation is an essential factor that influences the learning of an individual or achievement in the workplace. Additionally, for one to succeed, he or she might have to fail several times. The failures encountered can only be converted to success through motivation. The successful people were highly motivated because of the failures they went through in their lives. Failure makes one work hard to achieve more. The needs that human beings need can only be met through motivation. Some of the critical questions in this essay include; did the successful people fail? How are a success, failure, needs, and motivation related? Does failure make one work hard? How does motivation influence the failure or success of an individual? Although successful individuals have a high integrative motivation, failure plays a significant role in their various achievements.

People have a broad range of needs even if their motivation is conscious or unconscious. These needs motivate an individual to work hard for him or her to be successful. Some of the needs are necessary for life, as they are common to all individuals. However, the other needs vary from one individual to the other. The survival needs are the needs that are needed for one to survive (Quinn 430). The unborn babies are usually motivated on the lower level of the Maslow hierarchy of needs. When the infants are offered with drink, food, comfort, and rest, then they are satisfied.

Stimulation needs are also essential as they act as motivators. In most cases, human beings are never satisfied (Quinn 431). They are usually motivated to achieve high things through failure and motivation. After getting the survival needs, one usually strives to meet the simulation needs. According to me, the more one grows older, the more they yearn to have many things. Furthermore, the more one gets rich, the more they strive to get more investments. Therefore, motivation is an essential factor in success or failure. When one fails, then he or she gets the motivation of working hard to achieve higher things. The simulation needs include curiosity, pleasure, and interest needs (Quinn 431). After attaining the survival needs, one strives to get the things he or she is interested in meeting. The need for safety and security needs also makes an individual work hard to meet them. After getting the simulation and survival needs, one does strive to get the security needs. An individual who works smart to be successful can only achieve these demands. Although most people have access to the survival needs, just a few individuals get the security needs. After getting security, one earns for love and belongings. These needs can be identified with the clothes one puts on and the way one carries him or herself. Another essential need in the Maslow hierarchy of needs is esteem and self-esteem needs (Quinn 432). After one is accepted and approved by others, then he or she gets to this need where one yearns for respect. Most of the successful individuals in the world are usually respected, and they motivate people through their achievements. I think when one convinces other individuals to respect him or her then he should be able to convince himself.


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