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Essay Example on Effects of Various Things on Our Life

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Effects of pollution

Pollution occurs when various pollutants taint the natural surroundings. Such contaminations bring changes, which affect the normal human lifestyle adversely. The key components or elements of pollution are waste materials though in different forms. Pollution disrupts both the ecological balance and the ecosystem (Klein, 2017). In the face of development and modernization, pollution is in the rise, hence, increasing human illness and global warming. Air pollution is mostly caused by excessive burning of fuel especially from industrial activities and vehicles, and such pollution causes acid rain and global warming. Global warming results in erratic rains, increased temperature and droughts thus making it hard for animals to survive. Disposal of waste into water sources causes water pollution, which in turn harms the entire food chain and aquatic beings.

Growing up with a single parent

Single parenthood is when one parent brings up a child or children without the other partner. However, children who grow up with a single parent tend to have a strong sense of community since most single parents participate in a community of groups or live with their extended families. These children mature earlier than usual since working alongside single parents is more demanding (Malachi, 2017). They also face a horde of financial troubles as most single parents normally work long hours in the bid to meet the family's financial needs. Additionally, children who grow up with a single parent are likely to suffer from emotional issues such as low self-esteem since they do not get the parental love from their parents who have busy schedules. These children face the challenge of loneliness when their parents fail to show up in social and school events due to work commitments (Malachi, 2017). Despite these challenges, children with single parents tend to be responsible as they learn how to take care of issues as they grow up.

Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants

Nowadays, most people and particularly young people and kids prefer fast foods such as fried food, hamburgers, and pizza. Often, this is not because fast foods taste better than homemade food but because of the busy life evident in most families (Demory-Luce, 2005). The modern culture has also popularized fast foods especially from multinational restaurants such as KFC, Subway, and Mac Donald's. Fast foods are considered to save time thus gaining popularity given the hectic modern lifestyles. Besides, fast foods restaurants are convenient. The consumption of fast foods in large amounts leads to gaining of extra pounds to both men and women. In children, huge consumption of fast foods can lead to obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes (Demory-Luce, 2005).

Internet Influence on kids

In the modern society, the use of internet has increased. It has transformed communication, academic, economic, and social interactions drastically. Socially, the use of the internet is a double-edged sword when it comes to children (Mercer, 2017). One of the benefits of using the internet is that it facilitates communication with family and friends at a distant hence developing physical communication skills in children. On the other hand, children cannot evaluate the trustworthiness of the online information thus the information acquired from the internet may be confusing or misleading to kids. Moreover, internet use tends to replace the healthy physical activities such as outdoor exercise, and sports (Mercer, 2017). In some cases, use of the internet can become an extreme psychological disorder in kids, which in turn influences behaviors such as dishonesty and neglecting social ties.

Music effects on human body

Music can have serious impacts on one's body and especially brain activity. Effects of music on one's body can be felt through the engagement of various parts of the brain; how different types of rhythms and melodies tend to elicit emotional responses. Some scholars argue that even ambient noise, when played at moderate volume, tends to encourage a person's creativity (Rowley, 2016). Listening to music helps in repairing brain damage. Additionally, music engages several areas of the human brain including motor, visual, and auditory areas making music of potential interest in the treatment of neurologic disorders. Lastly, music has positive medicinal effects, and scholars like Plato suggest music in the treatment of anxiety.

Social media effect on young people

Social media platforms have become prominent parts of the day-to-day life of many young people in the modern world. Despite the various negative effects associated with social media, they provide job opportunities for the young people especially those in marketing, and other technology-related businesses (McGilivray, 2015). Young people also benefit from the social benefits associated with social media such as stronger relationships and increased self-esteem. Nonetheless, social media results in lack of privacy since young people are too public and open with personal information on most online platforms. Young people are also prone to social detriments such as cyber-bullying. Most young people are misinformed via social media platforms. Lastly, young people tend to waste most of their valuable time on social media platforms (McGilivray, 2015).

Stress impact on health

Stress entails any change that needs one's body to adjust and react in response. The body reacts to stress with mental, emotional, and physical responses. Stress is a natural mental and physical reaction of the body to life situations. Stress can be positive for one's health where it helps the body to cope with potentially serious situations. Nonetheless, chronic stress tends to cause anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and depression, which in turns affects the individual well-being (Pietrangelo, A. & Watson, 2017). Besides, stress affects the cardiovascular and respiratory systems thus making it hard to breathe for individuals with emphysema and asthma. Chronic stress can also lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Effects of online dating

Ever since it began, online dating has been a revolution. Online dating has hidden and new experiences which attracts their attention. However, one can end up dating someone who can mislead him or her. Extensive online dating might turn into an addiction, which in turn wastes productive time. People who date online stay online most of the times thus avoiding responsibilities or even skipping sleep and meals. Such tendencies affect one's health negatively. With online dating, there is the risk of meeting a person who is dishonest and untrustworthy. Online dating also has a positive effect where people have found their perfect partners who have transformed their lives.

How happy relationships affect a person

A happy relationship reduces the stress levels and thus boosting the personal well-being. Sleeping next to the person suffering from insomnia tends to reduce sleep problems and be at peace if you are in a happy relationship. In addition, happy relationships reduce anxiety and depression since the two partners are not anxious or depressed about their love affair (McHenry, 2015). Some scholars argue that happy relationships help us to be who we are, and thus they help us grow and nurture us into better people. Researchers have also shown that people who are in a happy relationship have 50% greater chances of living long and have overall improved health. Happy relationships help people to reach their full potential goals and be happy.

How traveling the world affects life and personality

Through world travels, an individual gets to interact with new people and culture. This engagement directly affects ones' openness personality trait. Travelling gives an individual a new perspective on life. Every culture has its own unique set of values and norms and traveling makes a person understand more of their own culture. Through world travels, one becomes more stable emotionally due to the changes in their day-to-day routine. When a person travels the world, he or she becomes more open to meet and make new friends. Lastly, traveling makes a person more flexible to change.

Why people keep pets

Most people keep pets as substitutes for their relationships with partners, family members or children. Pets serve people with the need to love, cherish as well as to fight boredom. On the other hand, pets make socializing with other people easier. Some people tend to be more inclined to start a conversation while focusing their attention on the animal in a moment of silence. In addition, people keep pets because they are nice, beautiful, and interesting. Nonetheless, some individuals can keep pets as a sign of their social status.

The effects of computers on our everyday lives

Computers have changed the people's lives both positively and negatively. Computers have eased business through changes on the way appointments are made, and the way information is conveyed. Computers have become an office tool and can be used to store huge information, which eases the access to information making business easier (Wellman & Haythornthwaite, 2008). Computers have also transformed social settings through social media platforms as people can now easily interact online. Moreover, computers have transformed the global trade through online retail stores. On the other hand, computers have created social downturns such as cyberbullying. It can also lead to addiction, which leads to time wastage especially to young people who spent most of their time online.

The downside of smartphones

We use smartphones to do online transactions, and in most cases this information is saved on the phone hence, endangering one's privacy as other people can access this information. Smartphones are sources of distraction, which can be detrimental such as causing accidents especially if a person uses his or her phone while driving. Most of the smartphones emit radiofrequency energy and continued exposure of the body tissues to this energy can lead to health problems. Heavy use of smartphones can damage the eyes as phones emit HEV light, which in turn can damage the retina. Social websites and interesting games found in smartphones can lead to addiction (Munno, 2013). Most young people lack social etiquette nowadays since they spend most of their time on their phones. It is very disrespectful when someone is addressing you, and your concentration is poised towards the phone. Lastly, smartphones are harmful to the development of physical communication skills as most people prefer messaging or emails nowadays.

Why few students read newspapers

Most students tend to prefer the internet to newspapers since they can get the same information with a click. In addition, students are busy with their class work, and assignments thus prefer getting the information on the newspapers either from friends or via the internet and especially on social media. Moreover, most students are too lazy to spend their leisure time reading a newspaper. Instead, they only want to read fashion magazines, comic or something entertaining and not reading newspapers. Additionally, students have limited cash to spend, and thus they prefer buying other things such as fast foods to publications. Most of the newspapers focus more on the political and economic aspects while most students are inclined to entertainment and technology thus they do not read newspapers.

Why many adults enjoy animated movies

Many adults enjoy animated films since they remind them of their childhood. Most of the adults watch animated movies to remind them the glory of the good old days (mainly when they were teenagers). The morals depicted in animated films tend to hit far closer to home when a person is an adult than they did in childhood. Additionally, anima...

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