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Career Research Paper

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Harvey Mudd College
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Research paper
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The career I had in mind in the genesis of my college studies was Fashion Merchandising Industry. The lucky side of it is that it had a close connection to my personality and interests. While Ive already commenced making other alternative considerations, I still maintain the choice of researching this specific career ineptly.

An individual in Fashion Merchandising is always behind the curtain enhancing the impression of each and every boutique or else department store as a wizard. Fashion merchandisers are always at the top of the game trying to identify keenly what the targeted customers are in need of (Greer& Norris). It requires skills for adequate persuasion of the customers. It also requires fashion blends sense and expertise regarding the business arena. The art of ever being ahead of the curve of fashion is very fundamental for this line of duty as an art and science. The marketing know-how and also strategy are always integrally incorporated in fashion merchandising.

The tasks associated with fashion merchandizing encompass making fashion relatable to the targeted markets. The following duties are very fundamental in enhancement of the role of this category of merchandizing to customers: attending fashion shows, conducting research and having credible fashion prediction trends, negotiating with manufacturers, suppliers and retailers and also directing them, being in contact with the working design teams and also planning and sales specialists, fashion buying, outlet retail management, creation of store displays at specific intervals, clientele store type determination, garment pricing in terms of affordability and quality, fashion photo shoot directing, operating within obliged budgets, coming up with marketing and advertising criteria.

Other than training, the skills required encompass the forecasting ability in the sense of having the past present and an element of the future fashion trends and besides being more scientific more than fortune may tell for current industry development awareness (Greer& Norris). The analytical potential is another obvious sense of style that a fashion merchandiser should have. Things should always be fit for the convenience of the budget. This element contributes to decision making with the main objective of meeting the customer needs.

Communication skills are also a part that plays a role to the fullest in this line of duty. Manufacturer and customer negotiations require a smart guy in communication. Without proper communication, fashion merchandising is a very tight industry. In terms of advantages and disadvantages, I see several in this career from an extremely personal standpoint as per the span of 10 years. The pros entail schedule creation for individual needs and low start-up costs; there is no need for a rather physical business location, 24-hour operation due to technology and more so creates marketing managers who perform the above roles to the latter.

The cons encompass, large competition imposed to the industry and at some point establishment of trust may be difficult. Technical issues are also at the forefront of this career because of the changing trends (Greer& Norris). Prediction of pay may be hard to determine. Since the pros are more than the cons, this career seems to be productive for passionate entrepreneurs or even marketing managers like me. Although I may not be in a better position to argue that the pay for my career is prioritized highly, am glad that it pays decently and admirably (Clark, 2014). The average wage annually of a marketing manager is around $70, 870 which breaks to over $30 an hour. A company that is my dream one is Galleries Lafayette because of the motivation it gives to its marketing Managers.

Marketing managers with PhD's have a higher advantage in this career because they receive the highest pays ever because they are inventors and innovators for future trend predictions of the merchandising companies (Clark, 2014). Related careers in this discipline include procurement clerks, advertising sales agents, real estates sales agents and more so manufacturing technical and scientific products among others. They are all in the business arena where marketing is fundamental.

I had Mrs. Romeo she taught me a lot as I was anxious regarding this line of duty as my counselor in middle school. She actually came up with an imprint of my life simply because we were totally in contact with her for a long time alongside my friend as we used to solve our class issues. She owns a merchandising company, and I used to get experience from her because she could foretell my future with interest to merchandising because I was following even television programmes that contribute much to marketing and business sector.

I have gathered a lot of information regarding my career of marketing management and as a future marketing manager; I believe I will offer the best service this planet has to offer regarding fashion merchandising at a wider range. Am overwhelmed because I have a few years to pursue this dream career and it is my decision that is up for the challenge physically, financially and more so relationally.



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