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Retailing: Store Management and Customer Loyalty

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Layout refers to the general pattern used by retailers in promoting their products to the potential customers are such a manner that all the products in the shelves are in the site of the customers. The type of the layout to be used by a retailer is determined mainly by the floor space of the store. A good layout which is appealing to the eyes of the potential customers has a positive impact on the sales volume.

My retailer opted for the grid layout for her business in displaying his products. The reason as to why the retailer decided to adopt the grid layout of his store is because it eases his work when it comes to stock taking, besides, compared to when he was using the racetrack layout, more sales have been realized ever since he switched to the grid layout thereby proving a point that a perfect store layout influences the customers behavior.

The sales promotion strategy being used by the retailer does not create traffic of customers since different products are displayed in different rows and columns. This therefore encourages high sales volume since no customer is delayed in picking the product of his/her own choice. The retailer emphasized on his continued good customer relations as he argued that getting new customers is an easy task but retaining them very vital for business prosperity. He therefore gives first priority and special attention to his customers. Moreover, he remembers his customers on their special days by recognizing them in the name of sending to them cards on their birthdays, anniversaries and also condoling them upon bereavement, updating them in advance on any changes in price of the products as well as informing them on new arrivals. All these are the strategies he puts in place to earn the mutual trust between him and his customers.

Making follow-up calls to the customers on goods delivery makes them feel more satisfied. However, offering his customers discounts, credit services and at some point after sales a service such as transportation of the goods bought makes them feel so convenient to continue shopping with him for the longer time in the future.

The business is located at a very open area with ample packing space, served with a very good road thus encouraging one to shop from the store from time to time.

The retailers website is a non-complicated and he does not do the online selling. The homepage is highlighting the background information of the business and the years the business has been in operation, the goods and services offered, contacts (Facebook, postal address, telephone number, and email address). The business being a retail of hardware, products visible displayed which are static include; cements, iron sheets, wheelbarrows, wire mesh, hammers and nails. The website however does not allow for browsing and exploring but allows for lingering since the products displayed not only look so attractive (high quality) to the eye but also fairly priced. The site does not offer editorial content beyond simple product photos and descriptions.

Retailing: Store Management and Customer Loyalty

The retailer uses Augmented Reality (AR) which ensures that his store is secured from unauthorized use of the stored products such as leaking out of goods from the store without being accounted for as compared to earlier times when the security was being done by individuals who at some point could get out goods from the store either via the back door or colluding with the customers in committing frauds.

The retailer being in a competitive business environment, has a competitive edge to his competitors which include the use of AR technology which his competitors lack, special services to his customers such as offering transportation to customers who buy goods in bulk at the expense of the business, having been in existence for a decade and a half in operation, hes a well-built reputation in the specialized field which his competitors are in the process of building. Besides, his good reputation has earned his huge number of customers compared to his competitors. His large customer network is also being widened by the fact that he has a business website contrary to his competitors.

The retailers website is not up to the standard since it does not allow browsing and exploring thereby creating a gap which needs to be filled, its thus a weakness to the retailer.


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