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Research Paper on Health and Health Care System

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George Washington University
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Research paper
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The health condition and health problems of an individual in a given country are determined by a variety of factors which include the economic and political factors. Politics have a great impact on the health of the citizens of a country since the policies implemented can have a positive or a negative impact on the health services that are offered at a health center. Political agendas play a crucial role while determining whether a particular policy should be implemented or not. The government should ensure that the regulations and bills that are passed do not affect the health of the people such as overcharging the patients which result in some of the patients not being in a position to cater for the bills hence do not receive the services (Buse, Mays, & Walt, 2012, p. 170). The economy of a country greatly determines the health of the people and also that of its health systems. A bad economy will result in people lacking enough finances they can use to improve their health such as eating good food and living in a pleasant environment. This greatly affects their health resulting in the breakout of various diseases. The National income of a country has a direct impact on the improvement of the health systems through public spending and insurance coverage. Insurance coverage is essential since it assists the poor to be in a position of receiving the health services at a relatively lower cost.

The political and economic systems play a major role in my familys access to health since the policies that have been implemented tend to regulate our access to some of the hospitals. Some of the hospitals that have high-quality services tend to be too much expensive which my family cant afford as we do not have an insurance cover. Due to lack of enough finances that have been highly contributed by the poor economy, my family is not in a position of for example eating a balanced diet and living in a neighborhood that is clean and safe this has resulted in my family members suffering from, different deficiency diseases (Benatar & Brock, 2011, p. 80).

The government intervention can benefit the health care system by ensuring that they provide subsidies through the allocation of funds which help the health care to lower their costs. The government should also ensure that the people are provided with insurance covers, and this will also help the poor to be in a position of receiving the health care services (Escobar, M.-L, Griffin, Shaw, & Brookings Institution, 2010, p. 35).

In conclusion, the economic and political system plays a significant role in determining the health of a person and also the services of the healthcare system. The government should ensure the bills and Acts that are passed by the politicians have a positive impact on the health system. The government should work hard towards ensuring that the economy of the country is stable since it affects the health and health care system directly.



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