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Research Paper Example on the National Business Aviation Association

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Research paper
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Website review

The NBAA website is set out to target a specific clientele. The website has authored to their various promotional materials. The authors have experience in the aviation business industry, and thus one can trust the information that they provide. The website also is updated to 2017 and is thus current. Moreover, the NBAA website as various links and citations. Some of the articles provided provide further reading materials on the topic. Finally, the website has publishers at the bottom of the homepage. Upon investigation on the publisher, it was found that the various contributing authors and publishers are credible as they take responsibility for the content that they provide.

Some of the resources that are available from the NBAA website may include;

Small aircraft and Single pilot operators resource. In aviation businesses that operate small flights departments, then the NBAA offers benefits to such business in terms of access to industry experts.

Safety resources. Member companies and the NBAA comprehend that one accident is too many. This is why there is need to offer safety educational resources in addition to the Annual safety awards.

NBAA membership includes a base of $205 in which one adds an additional amount depending on the aircraft operated. For instance, for each Piston Aircraft add a member pays an additional $50, Each UAS add $50. The maximum amount that a corporate member pays for its membership is $5330.

Benefits to its members

The NBAA provides its Member companies and others in the Aviation business community in diverse kinds of advertisements, and the sponsorship opportunities in publications and events. The NBAA Advertising kit offers its members digital, print, event and video advertising options. Additionally, The NBAA assists its members in developing a customized multimedia approach.

The NBAA also provides its members with various opportunities for networking. Through the organizations, various conferences and convention, and regional forums, the members get such opportunities. The NBAA also offers its members a platform whereby the can have access to industry experts. Members of the organization have access to designated expert staff that is able to answer any questions regarding the aviation industry.

The NBAA also ensures that its members get the necessary flight department administration resources. This enables its members to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for flight departments.

The charities created under the NBAA Charities offer support for a number of philanthropic organizations that normally use various aviation airplanes for humanitarian purposes.

One of the greatest benefits that the NBAA offers its member companies are the insurance and discount programs. The insurance program of its member companies is designed to offer cost-effective options to their businesses in regard to life special rental rates and loss-of-license insurance.

The member companies of the NBAA are allowed to print or imprint NBAA Logos on their products and services. The logos are intended to show the support that the NBAA has over its Member Companies.

in my opinion, the membership program of NBAA is valuable to any individual operating in the aviation industry. The NBAA provides almost all the aspects that regard the aviation industry from training employees to providing programs to manage different types of aircrafts. The operation that would greatly benefit from an NBAA membership is a company that operates small business class aircrafts. This is because the benefits much outweigh the costs associated with it.



NBAA - National Business Aviation Association. (2017). Retrieved 4 November 2017, from


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