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Report on Consumers Behaviors Data Analysis

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Wesleyan University
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I am writing this letter in response to the random survey of 300 consumers, conducted for the BLITZ stores with the aim of determining the consumer behaviors. The information will be significant to the company when deciding its operation and how the consumer responds to their goods and services offered.The following findings were determined with regards to skeptic statement by made senior management.

The amount of money spent per customer in our stores varied depending on the number of the household members, visit per month, gender, age, and the average income. The survey shows that the customers spend the average amount hat in our stores was USD 86.24.

The estimated proportion of shoppers who used the internet to shop online at our Blitz stores were 77 only out of 300 respondents; this is to mean that, most of the customers find it convenient to come physically and shop from the shelves of the store.

The average amount spent per every shopping trip of the customers relates with their gender, as seen in this survey, the female customers spent a lot in the shopping, up to 184 while the highest the male has ever attained was 120.

The city may be affected by the decision on whether to shop on online using BLITZ online stores. It will depend on the distribution of the branches in the city. The cities that had their stores at the convenient location recorded the lowest number of the online shoppers since the consumers were capable of reaching the stores at their comfort. While the cities with the lowest branches located at the remote location had the low number of customers coming to stores; instead the customers opted to shop through online sine that was simple and convenient than going to the stores.

Indeed, average time per visit varies with the basis of the age, household income, and the household size. The customers' whose households are large, tend to spend a lot of time shopping and had many occasions visiting the stores as compared who had few household members. The customers with the large household income had spent a lot of money compared to the one who had small income whose budget was limited to what they earned. However, age did not determine the time that the customers spend per visit while at the stores; it is perceived that the time spent also depended on one's needs.

I hope that you will go through my analysis together with other departmental officials and the board members to brainstorm on the results and to come up with other more strategies that will increase companys sales. Thank you.


Alex Cassidy


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