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Essay on Strength and Courage in Marketing Management

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Joshua 1:9 says, Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

Marketing Management can always draw its attention to the biblical passages that have so quickly given a guide for the daily life. As a manager, the Bible will still be a faithful guide about the activities of day to day working of a business. The texts Joshua chapter 1 verses nine has a very close connection to a marketing manager and can be used as a guide while operating a business activity.

The text focuses on God speaking to Joshua when there were many perplexities in Joshuas life hindering him from performing the tasks that God had assigned to him like leading the children of Israel. God had commanded Joshua initially thats why the verse begins with Have I not commanded you. God had spoken to Joshua several times, and he was repeating what he had so much told him in the ancient times. The message that God has for him is a warning message that he needs to be strong and courageous without being terrified nor discouraged. A business manager can never be successful with a doubting spirit. Marketing involves many things, and the key to them is a person who can stand string even when the market trends are not going well. Worry should be the last thing that should get to them since when one is worried he or she is limited in what they can do. Fear makes one not to venture appropriately into business and gives one a problem in casting their business ideas into real practice. Potential business markets have always gone to waste due to people being afraid to practice there.A case scenario is by Frank Jadhavji who is one of the cofounder of the world known company JustDeals.Com when his company collapsed because of poor sales in the first year of his business. He had formed the company in the year 2010 and played a major role in marketing for the electronics in the business. Frank trusted in God promises and he was blessed when he received a demand of the electronics that he was selling. Due to the high demand he went and restocked his business with goods worth over $300,000 but the unfortunate thing happened when thieves came and broke into his business and stole everything (Cafferky, 2017). It was very disappointing and depressing especially knowing that the customers had already made some of the payment for the products. Frank never lost hope in God, he went and talked with insurance companies together with talking with the customers and surprisingly enough he was able to recover. He attributed his success to the faith that he had in God that all will be well when he trusts in God. Frank could not imagine where he would currently be if he had lost all the faith in God. He says that he has seen other good business persons failing and because of lack of courage and lack of trust in God.

In the ending part of the verse in Joshua, God assured Joshua that after not being worried, God would be with him whenever he goes. God will never leave him at any point in time. There is nothing beautiful when God assures His people that He shall be with them to the end of the world. The fact that God has promised to be with His people to the very end that gives more confidence in business operations. A marketing manager only needs to trust in the words of Christ that He shall never leave His people (Cafferky, 2017). God is ever mighty and will always remove the barriers that may hinder His people from achieving much in business. Without faith in God in the operations of the company, it would be like leaving everything to chance which is very dangerous for people who live in the business environment.Just like from the example above if Frank never had faith in God, his business would collapse and it would never be where it is today.Probably he would have surrendered it all. But the confidence that he had in trusting the words of God, he got the confidence to talk to his customers and all things were well.

In conclusion, there would be no other way for business people to exercise their expertise without trusting in God. Just as God spoke to Joshua in the olden times, the scriptural texts can offer a guide to many marketers who are always filled with fear making them unable to perform any work in the business environment. The safest place to be as a marketing manager is putting ones hopes and faith in God and by that it would give one the courage to face the future days. If there is no faith in God there would be no strength and courage in operating the business leading to business failure.


Cafferky, M. E. (2017). Management & Leadership Theories in Scripture Narratives: An Editors Outline of Opportunities for Further Study. Journal of Biblical Integration in Business, 20(2).

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