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Family Remedy for Adolescent Drug Use Disorders - Problem Solving Example

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Problem solving
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Behavior change focusses on the beginning change in behaviour at both family and individual level as a whole. The pattern of behaviour change, particularly among the females, is to establish new behaviour patterns that will do away with the old ones. Therapists deduce techniques and measures from a wide range of treatment strategies such as negative mood regulation among female teenagers who have been affected by adverse effects of substance abuse. This paper shall provide substantial information and explicit details on the adolescent substance use disorders among ladies in a family.

The behaviour in diversity style is technically correct, and well-developed will come forth if the intervention established is inconsistent with one of the girls family, for example, a girl that is a victim of substance abuse will draw her parents together to discuss the issues and problems affecting their daughter. The daughters substance use problem will allow the couple to discuss their concerns and also to try to solve the issues the best way they can.

An early goal for the female adolescent substance uses behavioural change to enhance the experience of the family of the affirmative change and achieved by adding certain activities and interactions. The explicit strategies made by the therapist may have any techniques that are suited for changing the behaviour. The functional family therapy model has made a new set of procedures for change in response (Alexander, Waldron, Robbins & Neeb, 2013). Problem-solving skills and communication training is considered crucial and core strategies achieved in some form with almost all of the families.

There is apparent behaviour change techniques to inform more about the problems with substance misuse mainly by female children. For the female genders at the young age more so, consumption of drugs might be challenged by difficulties coping with cravings. Similarly, deterioration prevention methods, are used with the female child to help support her in times of sobriety.

Several shortcomings and wrangles manifest in families due to the effect of the substance use mainly on the females. Secondly, the lady undergoes the trauma of being unwanted in the society as very few people want to be in association with them (Lander, Howsare, & Byrne, 2014). Also, there is a challenge for the girl child to try and control the usage once already an addict. Also, not all girl child can recuperate from the effects and some end up running away from homes and finding themselves a place to stay. Most girls end up becoming unruly and even flee from their homes to also join gang-related groups.

In conclusion, when both the parent and the adolescent in this case a female are in drugs use carrying out a functional study will play a significant role to emphasise on the relational description of the substance use. It will assist to identify specific ways to help them to deal with the problems associated with substance use (Prestwich et al., 2014). One most important strategy to help a teenage girl deal with the dangerous extremes of substance use is for the parents to assist oversee and to tussle with the cravings associated with usage of the substance. Also, backslide prevention methods can be well articulated and debated by the family to help support the adolescent female.



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