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Presentation on Colorado Sikh Gurdwara Sahib

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Sikhism is a young religion that was introduced by Guru Nanak. This belief has been able to spread all over the world with temples in almost every country. In Colorado, the Sikh have a temple known as the Colorado Sikh Gurdwara Sahib". Their mission is "to provide facilities in the state of Colorado for learning and practice of Sikh faith and to share information about people with the people of Colorado.

The Colorado Sikh Gurdwara temple building stands on an interior piece of land. Its architectural outfit is matched with the traditions of the religion to produce an outstanding structure. The exterior decorations are stunning. Made of patterns and symbols of the Indian culture, it gives you a feeling of being at the right place at the right time. The congregation is welcoming. Their religion embraces every person despite your religious or cultural and racial affiliation. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

The Sikh have special rituals that are performed immediately on entering the temple to the time the service end. First, before joining the temple, you take off your shoes, wash your hands and cover your head. After entering the hall, you pass by the Guru Granth Sahib. At this place, people stroll and bow down and touch their forehead on the floor. This is said to be a sign of love and respect to the Guru. You then place an offering in the form of an offering or sincere words to express thanksgiving to the Guru. After that, you allowed to enter and sit down quietly without disturbing anyone. The worship starts with singing holy hymns and ends with a meal cooked at the Gurus kitchen.

The rituals that are performed have similarities with the Islam way of worship. The Muslims leave their shoes outside the mosque just like the Sikh does. Before entering the mosque, you must do some cleansing which is similar to the Sikh washing hands. The way people seat in the temple and the arrangement "men and women sit separately" is all identical to the Muslims.

According to Durkheim, religions are all correct. Religion should answer the question of existence and the fundamental ways of living life. This is explained under the rationalistic theory. Is this faith, they have all answers to the presence of man as they believe every person is equal before God. The Sikh believes in one supernatural God. From Durkheim's point of view, the ritual carried out by the Sikh shows the commitment they have to their religion. They believe that the answers to their questions about life come from these rituals. Christian Smith believes that religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things this is composed of practices and believes that unite a community of people whore adhere to specific morals. On this bases, the Sikh are adhering to their practices and believes; they believe in unity as portrayed by them taking meals together.

The Sikh is a young religion that is still growing and spreading in the world. Its goals are SMART and visionary. If you ever thought of starting a new relationship or commitment to religion? This is the religion to join. From their teachings, I came to learn that every person is equal before the God. This religion provides equal chances and opportunities to everyone despite your religious affiliation or background.


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