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Persuasive Speech Example: Developing Small Towns for Children Protection

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Middlebury College
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General Function: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that Taking developments in small towns is the best way to mentor kids and influence them set and achieve suitable life ambitions.

Organizational Design: Categorical

Proposition: Question of Fact


Kids in smaller towns are influenced into joining bad groups due to peer influence. A number of articles and reports that I have read record high school dropout, lack of ambitions, cases of unwanted pregnancies, criminal activities and drug and substance abuse among kids growing up in small towns. Most of these issues arise for hopelessness and lack of role models in such communities. Developing smaller towns would bring close mentors and personalities that kids would want to identify with. This is the long-term program that will help develop kids into important members of the society.


I have discovered that developing rural area and initiating mentorship programs would help rescue at-risk kids. They will be able to access more opportunities and foster positive development in the society at large.

Thesis Statement

Development and social programs initiatives are a sure way of keeping kids in small towns out of trouble.

Preview of Main Points

I am going to draw attention to challenges facing kids growing in small towns and benefits of developing small towns.


Developing small town is the most effective way of ensuring kids in small towns keep out of trouble.

According to Vissing, in her book Out of sight, out of mind: Homeless children and families in small-town America, kids require guidance and mentorship to help them develop into responsible members of the society.

Zhao et al., further points out that, kids in small towns show strong bonds and responds t peer influence as well as adult mentors. They also highlight that environmental factors have strong influence on the kids decisions and characters.


In conclusion, the development of small towns help kids access better services and programs that prevent them from engaging in activities that may endanger their lives. Development in small towns will ensure kids keep close with good friends and shape their passions by imitating role models thereby resulting into a better society.


In a summary, it is evident that initiating programs like mentorship and opening developments in small towns has a positive impact of reshaping cultures and promoting activities that prevent kids from getting into trouble.



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