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Philosophy Reflection

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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I find working with families, especially children, a sensitive undertaking that requires a strong sense of purpose and commitment. While many people possess the desire to help families, it is important to identify a philosophical underpinning that brings the spirit of selflessness and compassion. Every individual has a philosophy of helping others that govern his or her actions in offering aid. My philosophy to offer assistance to others is governed by key values namely compassion, unconditional love, and the desire to be useful to others.

My philosophy borrows from Ralph Waldo Emersons quote The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, and to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. Whereas some people are keen on making themselves happy by pursuing personal interests, I focus more on being useful to my social circles - something that gives me lasting happiness. Leading a compassionate lifestyle is my top priority in an attempt to creating and maintaining healthy relationships with others. I am deeply moved by love and desire to render assistance to others whenever they are experiencing hardships. Poor interpersonal relationships and numerous problems facing the humankind today has created an unfavorable environment for underprivileged people to live. Hence, it is imperative for one to remain committed to making a difference in another persons life by supporting them unconditionally.

I find true happiness by being there for others whenever they need a shoulder to lean on. Humanity is the inner driving force that challenges my conscious to do good things to others instead of watching them suffer yet I can intervene. I am determined to live well by applying key values that promote sharing, compassion, and healthy interpersonal relationships. However, it is crucial for a person in need to seek assistance by engaging the right people and platforms to benefit. Interacting and mingling with like-minded individuals is vital to starting up healthy friendships that will add value to our lives. It is also important for one to be selfless and make it easier for others to reach out to them for help by eliminating any obstacles hindering others from accessing their unconditional help.

My philosophy offers numerous opportunities to an individual seeking to work closely with families and children. It encourages the significance of building healthy relationships among the members of the family in a bid to foster unity. Feuds emanating from unending conflicts between families and its members undermine their desire to help and support each other. Children have been on the receiving end of broken families, a situation that render them vulnerable to miserable life full of problems. However, instilling the philosophy of having the desire to offer help and be useful to others can help fix such hitches. The provision of unconditional assistance characterized by honor and compassion play crucial roles in building and cementing healthy social ties. Undoubtedly, one should focus on empowering the children with knowledge and skills that promote compassion, humanity and the desire to be useful to others to have a successful and happy family.

Nurturing children at their tender age is more fruitful than trying to empower grown-ups to embrace humanity. One should consider training the young ones to appreciate the significance of teamwork and joining efforts to overcome problems. The strategy will empower them with appropriate knowledge and skills that will keep sparking their desire to help others whenever they are in need. It also encourages children to strive to be useful in their endeavors that aim at creating lasting relationships that help us to live well despite our differences and diversity.

However, it is prudent for an individual to appreciate the challenges that he/ she can encounter when using my philosophy of helping others to benefit from it when working with families and children. Some people are non-appreciative in life no matter how important or useful we are to them. However, one should focus on being nice to them lest they are carried away by anger and vengeance. Also, sometimes it is difficult to interact with other members of the family owing to the varying personalities and personal shortcomings. For instance, individuals experiencing mental disorders characterized by extreme mood swings and violence can be difficult to interact and help them out of fear.

As illustrated in the discussion, I believe in focusing on the joy, happiness, and satisfaction that I get from assisting others, especially vulnerable and dependent members of families such as children. In my view, an individual committed to offering assistance to others can benefit from my philosophy of helping that aims at encouraging unconditional love, compassion, and being useful to them at all the times. However, one should expect challenges in his or her endeavors to helping otters when employing my philosophy for others to benefit. Moreover, it is crucial to focus more on the happiness and satisfaction that a person gets from helping others to sustain compassion and humanitarian acts towards the needy.

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