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Personal Philosophy Advanced Practice Nursing - Paper Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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The nursing department has been known to always depend on matters revolving around professional discipline and other forms of practice dimensions. In that case, the faculty focuses on building academic integrity and also seeks to ensure that the students learn and grow to become resourceful graduates. The main essence and importance of nursing are therefore to maintain co-created relationships, promote healing, promote interconnection among families and also ensure that the environment has the most conducive aspects. Therefore, a philosophy can be drafted from this concept and it should state that nursing practice entails a therapeutic process that involves a patient who comes from a particular environment or culture and needs to get the health services and the nurse is the first person who is considered to be of much help.

There are four metaparadigm concepts that can use to develop a clear understanding of this philosophy and they include patient/client, the nurse, health and environment (Wayne, 2017). All the four concepts work together and that is the reason why they have a strong relationship. The patient or client can be defined to be organismic which undergoes activities that make it reduce the kind of tension and problems that come as a result of needs. Health, in this case, can be defined as a situation that makes the man or a person of any personality take part in an on-going process with a mission of being creative, productive, community living and constructive (Burnard & Gill, 2014). The environment refers to the culture and context in which a patient comes from and also the rate at which one adapts and complies with all the routines that have been set up in a hospital.

The nurse and the patient are directly related to each other. The nurse ensures that the patient undergoes treatment and also provides an explanation of all the issues that might lead to the patient being sick. The two of them begin as strangers, then the client asks for assistance which the nurse responds to while carrying out her roles. The main reason as to why the client heads to the hospital to meet the nurse is his or her health. The health of an individual is supposed to be perfect and when it starts deteriorating, he or she heads to where the nurse is so as to solve the problem and restore it to normalcy (George, 2016). Each patient has his or her believes and this is backed up by the environment or the background. The culture of the patient will determine the health centre that will be visited and also the channel that the nurse will follow while doing the treatment (Wiesman, 2015). The relationship between the four concepts can be further explained by the help of a diagram as shown below:

In the diagram, the environment engulfs all the other concepts which are, patient/client, health, and nurse. The nurse and the patient are connected to each other by health with is the main reason as to why they interact.

The future of nursing is also an issue that should be focused on as it will engage some changes and newly introduced channels of treating patients. For instance, the future is likely to incorporate a number of machines that will facilitate better service delivery and that means the nurses have to train on how to use them (Duffy, 2015). The nurses are also supposed to bear the aspect of accountability in case the patient does not respond well to medication or the situation gets worse. This means that top notch state of professionalism is supposed to be maintained as the nurse is dealing with the patient. Social justice is the other concept that comes into play especially when differences arise between the nurse and the patient. The parties involved in solving the case should maintain a social form of justice so as to reduce further or similar occurrences.


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