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People Like Us: Social Class in America

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Movie review
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Socio classes have over the years been used by different Americans to determine their level of influence and power in the society. Ideally, America was built on the virtues of equity and honesty. However, over the years matters about equity have been brainwashed to the level of people no longer considering the human relations that are in existence in the different circles of life. Capitalism has invaded many American homes to the extent of them no longer prioritizing human relations, and focus has been placed on the wealth accumulation. People Like Us: Social Class in America movie has explicitly showcased the American bubble being pooped as there is a delicate line on how people from different social classes treat each other. Moreover, the film has gone ahead to explain there is under most importance place on the social relationships and it is critical people to invest in these social relations. Moreover, the factors identified example, gender, racism directly affect the way people relate to others in the community. Different theories have been determined to analyze the film in a contest to ensure there is a clear understanding of human relations. Evidently, the Bourdieu theory is the closest theory that can be linked with the film, as both recognize the importance of human relations and the different human characteristics in their relationships is what causes the people to have distinguished socio-classes.

People Like Us: Social Class in America is a classic movie that addresses a sensitive question that seeks to exploit, are the American equal or are some Americans more equal than others? The film discovers that despite the Americans deep held ideologies of cultures of fairness and equalism, the American citizens are still subject to class distinction and often cases of inequalities of opportunities presented. Therefore, the film shows a controversial topic where it does not offer a Marx analysis of one group exploitation of another nor does it celebrate the virtues of capital system in the country. Marxs definition of the class involves the socio-class as opposed to the position or rack assigned to a group of people in the society. Therefore, according to Marxs the existence of capitalist class could not be in presence if there were no proletariats and vice verse. Evidently, the relationship between different levels presents an antagonistic relationship which indicates conflicts, struggles and conflicting interests associated with the various class setups. Marxs concept of class difference is what defines the specific class of the individual. Therefore, class differentiation can be considered to be the different characteristics that are displayed in the various social categories. The film provides an outspoken cry for the people in the different American socio classes. Thus, the film directly engages how Americans often classify themselves and how race and other identifying factors determine the kind of socio group placed in America. Moreover, the film is very instrumental as it gives a clear depiction of how America can be classified now versus what the nation considered regarding socio groups and Americans future expectations. Indeed, the film is not a particular film regarding the nature of Americans, but its a catalyst film that seeks to propagate and provoke how social classes affect Americans regarding their economies, sociology, and psychology. Moreover, the identified social factors dictate how Americans relate to each other with their distinctive attitudes towards fellow citizens.

Classical theory is considered to be more of a traditional approach that places more emphasis on the organization rather than the people who are in the body. Therefore, according to the theory, a huge consideration is done on the output of the group as opposed to the humans that are making the production. Thus about the film, the theory considers people of the class to be based concerning their economic status. The philosophy emphasizes the need to have different people identified to belong to different levels of sociology. However, given the film has placed more stresses on the relationship between the people as they work as proposed by Marx, the classical theory is a massive contrast to the perception of the film. Contemporary philosophy is a present-day comprehensive coverage of all the theorists that surrounds sociology about evolution, functionality, conflict, culture, and development. Evidently, a complete theory is more of a multi-dimensional approach that can best relate to the film. Both the film and the philosophy have not regarded humans as objects to means of production who are later classified into social groups based on their economic status. Therefore, there are no significant theoretical issues that are raised by the contemporary theory about the film. Bourdieu theory explains the conflicts that exist within the different social classes are unique, and many of the issues identified do not arise as a result of economic differences but due to human social relationships. Studies have indicated there is a substantial reliance on Marxs theory and Bourdieus theory of cultural capital. About the filmmakers, there is a relation with the argument, as what the filmmakers are primarily concerned is how human social relationships develop and grow to ensure they achieve their best in different social classes of the people.

Based on the highlighted theories, they all have the direct and indirect impact regarding the film under analysis (People Like Us: Social Class in America). According to my study, Bourdie theory is the most appropriate theory to link with the film directly, the film emphasizes on the different human relationship how they formulate the different social classes. Indeed the Americans consider themselves to be equal offering everyone an opportunity to go into various ventures they are pleased. However, this is not the case often in the real world where other driving factors determine peoples social classes. Notably, in America racism is a big problem, many years have gone by but the color of the skin according to many American is significant as it determines the level of education for the person, level of healthcare provision, a standard of housing and the probability of going into prison for the individual. Through exploration of these factors, the contemporary there had tried to explain of the level of conflict and interrelation that is in existence between different people in the society have a definite way to fuel racism in the country. Economic status has over the years been a significant factor in determining the level of social class of the people. Indeed the people will never be at par when it comes to the amount of wealth every person can acquire. Classical theory has in detail illustrated how people are treated as objects or factors of production to ensure the intended output is considered. About the film, the classical theory does not in its fashion ensure the people can display their importance through the different relationships formulated but rather through their economic capabilities. Bourdieus theory of cultural capital has in-depth tried to explain the differences that are recognized in the various social groups are a result of how humans behave differently in their social relations. Therefore, the best theory that can directly link with the film under analysis is Bourdie theory and Marxs theories as both theories have given great importance to the human relations that are evident in the movie.

A contemporary class is defined and determined by the different associations that are in existence between different people in the same category. Different social types are faced with unique characteristics and issues. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that the people can determine their social limitations and capabilities given the current environment to ensure they are capable of functioning maximally in their social classes. The film has identified that are deep-rooted factors that are making America not to be the ideal America which was founded on the bases of equality for all its citizens. The film has been described to be a must-see for all the Americans as it uncovers the secret trust regarding the current state of the country. The documentary in detail having examined to specific classes of people one from the upper class and another lower class gives a fascinating take on how the rich people perceive the poor people in the society. The social relationships are often intertwined, and at times it can be challenging for an individual to identify with a specific social class and not relate to the other type. Indeed the film is an eye-opener with the focus being the economic status of the people characterized to make the different social classes. After watching the film and the viewer sees how different people from different classes treat each other and it is almost impossible to identify with a specific class as the people tend to treat different people in different ways.

In summary, social classes are evident in many of the spheres of life. It is impossible for a community to be in existence without the recognition of social class in the midst. America is a perfect example that was once built on the ideologies of equality and honesty. However, years ago there has been a brainwash in that ideologist and people have clustered themselves into socio groups that are recognized to be primarily driven by the capital acquisition. As a result, humans have resulted in being divided by different social factors like racism, gender, and inner complexities. Bourdie theory has been recognized as the best fit theory to explain the adventures of the film. Both share common characteristics of placing the human relationships a priority in their ventures. Evidently, human relations need to overrule all the community factors like the desire to create more wealth and focus on the need to ensure every relationship in the community is well nurtured to ensure there is progress and the well being of the people are well attended.

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