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Peer Response to Organization Theory and Design - Paper Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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I really impressed with the way the author of this paper started it off with an epigraph. Including the name of the company that the author likes most increase the interest of the reader on it by trying to know what makes author have interest in it. My preference on the paper is the way it is factual and explains what the company does and the products it sells to different customers (Jones, 2006). With the structure of this paper, it is very simple to add personal opinion without sources to support. After completing reading the first paragraph, I could guess what the paper is all about. For example, I can easily understand that Apple Inc deals with the production and sale of iPhones and also that it can meet my personal satisfaction. This paper is therefore very good because the author stated his claim at the beginning of the paper. The author then proceeded with the explanation of his claim in the second and third paragraphs where he assures readers that the environmental domain surrounding his iPhone preference is unstable because of high number an of companies producing substitute iPhones based on phone design and features. I also concur with the opinion of the author that it is necessary to update the phones firmware on weekly basis to fix some types of bug.

The author also used a very simple language that every reader can understand. The paper structure and grammar was very clear. This is observed when the author says that his dependence level regarding Apple Inc is between moderate to high. From this context, it is easy to understand what the author wants to address to the readers concerning his personal needs about iPhones. The claim of why the author love Apple iPhones is because it can back up the data on another device when the phone is damaged accidentally.

The second discussion is also interesting as the author introduced it in a very high tone and mood. It was started by explaining the nature of telecommunication (Daft & Armstrong, 2015). From the first paragraph, the reader can understand what telecommunication is and what makes it different to iPhones. One can understand at a glance that it has a high level of dependence although most people do not have landlines to depend on it. I really accept the opinion of the writer because his ideas are based on facts but not fictions. I also support his ideas because nowadays cell phones are the main source of contact between different people. In the second paragraph of the second discussion, the author explains how to manage dependence. I also learn a lot from his discussion by acknowledging that dependence of a phone can only be managed through planning ahead.

I am also impressed the way the author provides the information in all these discussions on the dependence on iPhones. They are very categorical in their discussion by explaining the reason why the like cell phones to a landline. Realism supports their argument than other things (Daft & Armstrong, 2015). When I read through all these discussions I came to know that cell phone is currently used by many people than landlines and the question that one can easily develop is how many people prefer a landline to cell phones. Currently, there are very many types of iPhones but many people are not taking advantage of the services they provide to users.


Daft, R. L., & Armstrong, A. (2015). Organization Theory & Design (Third Canadian Edition ed.). Toronto: Nelson Education Ltd.

Jones, G. R. (2006). Organizational theory, design, and change. Toronto: Pearson Prentice Hall

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