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Paper Example: Project Management and Overall Performance

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Research proposal
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In the modern companies, the overall performance is determined by the project management and how the strategies are approached deliberately to meet the desired goals and objectives. Most of the firms have employed the concept of the project management in ensuring that the best performance is attained at a minimum effort. However, the relationship between the project management and the overall performance of the company is that each aspect works under the deliberation of another (Mathur, Jugdev & Fung, 2014). This means that for a company to gain success and meet the desired goals and objectives, it should be approached by using the precise management. On the other hand, the project management also depends on the overall performance of the company to ensure the best execution, planning, controlling, and initiation of the teams (Zavacki, 2000).

Considering the two aspects, which are the project management and the overall performance of the company, they have the same characteristics in common. Project management can be defined as the process or the action of initiating, controlling, planning, and executing the particular systems to meet the goals and objectives of the company (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). On the other hand, the overall performance of the company is determined by the control and initiation of the planned systems in the company (Wall, Michie, Patterson, Wood, Sheehan, Clegg & West, 2004). This shows that the project management and the overall performance of the company are related and they correspond regarding their outcomes. Another ideology regarding the two aspects is that the project management has been defined based on the leadership of the company. For a company to achieve its goals and objectives through the overall performance and application of the project management, the leader or the human resource should be responsible for all the strategies and policies that are initiated (Turner & Muller, 2005). Therefore, the relationship between the overall performance of the company and the project management has been described using the model of leadership in an organization, and how the responsible leader plays a significant role in manipulating the company by encompassing the best management.



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