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Essay Example on Strategic Planning

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What was interesting in the chapter applied to your strategic plan?

A strategy is an array of policies, purpose, programs and projects, actions and decisions that help make up an organization (Stryker 2012).

It is interesting to note that formulating strategies is a five-step process, all of which must be addressed to come up with a valid approach and which we incorporated into our strategic plan. The first step is that we had to identify dreams/ visions, practical alternatives to our issues (Bryson 2011). Then we determined the barriers or challenges to our found options. The third step is to find solutions to overcome the said challenges. Finally, we outlined the specific steps that ought to be taken to achieve our objectives, as well as the responsible persons (Bryson 2011)

What new things have you learned?

The new lessons learned are that one, strategy formulation is not a linear process. It requires a lot of thinking, experiments, and revision. Each method is independent of the other. Strategic planning also needs an open mind. It is advisable to consider varied options sometimes even radical ones (Bryson 2011). Ideas should be given a chance and get a critical analysis first before being ruled out. The work for strategic planning should be a combination of approaches from what we know as well as ideas from research. These provide a variety of methods hence enriching the strategic plan (Bryson 2011)

How your learning was affected preconceptions or misconceptions you brought with you into class?

Before reading the texts, I had a misconception that the making of an effective strategic plan was an easy task that requires a short time to plan and implement and that it was the work of the leading management to do so. Contrary to my belief, strategic planning is a broad task with several steps to take and that it requires the efforts input and discipline of all stakeholders within an organization for it to be successful. I also learned that it works within a framework which varies depending on the aims and objectives of the strategic plan. The time might be long or short, and it is subject to revision, assessments, and amendments where necessary (Stryker 2012).

How Does Your Learning Affect Your View of the World And The Universe?

After reading the text, I know view the world as a complicated place, but I have learned to appreciate the institutions which are in existence and have been running since they have taken the great effort of dedicated minds to be productive and standing.

Will What You Have Learned To Change Your Behavior In The Future?

What I have learned will go a long way in influencing my behavior in future especially in the running and managing organizations. I have equipped myself with knowledge and power on how to formulate and implement successful strategic plans. One particular lesson I have learned is that even the best strategic plans may fail due to factors such as wrong timing, the draft plans and strategies may be inadequate or not appropriate. Other factors may be issues addressed in the strategic plan are not urgent or not of much importance to the organization as at that moment, or the body is not ready to handle change. I will be a planner (Bryson 2011)



Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Stryker, S. C. (2012). Plan to succeed: A guide to strategic planning. Lanham, Md: Government Institutes.


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