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Paper Example on Ensuring Effective Communication in Organizations

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Sewanee University of the South
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Communication forms an essential aspect of the functioning of an organization (Perkins, 2010). When there is a problem in the organization just like at Sambian Partners, an architectural firm, the first step is to understand what is going on (Engels, 2007). This will be done through the assessment of the audience and the state of the situation then identifies the key issues or opportunities prior to the formulation of recommendations. This is often done using communication measurement tool to guide the situation. Ideally, three main issues lead to the loss of talents. These include issues with leadership, inferior leader-member relationship, and communication barrier and the lack of employee recognition and motivation within the organization.

From the advice given, I would most likely follow Jean Martins which advocates for an organizational mission and culture that enables employees to feel connected and committed. The leadership failed to spend time and energy in establishing a culture for the stakeholders and create connection and commitment among the employees (Saunders, 2007). There was a failure in transforming recognition into actions. Subsequently, the solution will be helpful in recognizing the employee expectation and needs (Neeley & Leonardi, 2011). Since there was no motivation and disconnect from the leadership, Tom together with other talents in the organization had no options but to leave. I would not advise on Jim Cornelius, which focuses on assuring the employees on a better future. This is important but fails to provide a sustainable solution to the issues in context (Lawler, Pringle & Branham, 2008).

There is also a need to break from the traditional organizational structure and create informal communication channels (French & Holden, 2012). The firm management can create an environment that allows workers to speak freely and openly about their concerns (Stone, Heen & Patton, 2010). At the same time, giving feedback and sharing their thoughts when proposals are turned down will be fundamental in facilitating communication in the organization (Edmondson & Smith, 2006). The firm management should understand that money is not the only motivating factor the hierarchy of needs should be incorporated when seeking to motivate the employees and invest in appreciating their contributions(Weeks, 2001). Clear and fair career growth and development in the organization need to be established.


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