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Strategic Audit: Adidas AG. Research Paper Example.

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Harvey Mudd College
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Research paper
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Adidas AG is one of the known and larges companies dealing with sporting goods. The firm offers its products through three primary brands: Reebok, Adidas, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf. The company operates through more than 170 subsidiaries in USA, Europe, and Asia. While several factors such as marketing strategy and product differentiation have contributed to the success of the company, its mission and vision statements have formed a critical part of the advertisement and what the company stands for and aiming to offer and achieve. The organization developed mission values and vision to help in developing strategies to distinguish, identify, and explain itself to both employees and workers. This paper, therefore, discusses the vision and mission statement of Adidas GA and how they have contributed to the success of the firm.

Adidass mission statement is to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. The mission statements evidently state the purpose of the company and where the corporation is in presently. This statement is very effective since it is product and consumer-oriented which means that the firm is continuously striving to advance their products and services, making sure that they are offering products of highly innovative designs and quality. A drawback to the statement is if the firm fails to produce high quality and appealingly pleasing products, then they will be going in contradiction of their mission statements. It, therefore, compels the business to have quality products as their priority. This has dramatically made the company to command millions of loyal customers across the globe. Adidas GA statement also addresses the wishes of shareholders and employees. It is an advantage since it inspires them to perform well in their workplace. The firms mission statement not only portrays Adidas as strong business in sporting goods industry but also prove the companys corporate social responsibility and the strive towards excellence. In general, the purpose of Adidas mission statement serves to connect the organization to deliver the best products and services for the global community.

The vision of the company is to enhance social, environmental performance in the company and the supply chain, thereby improving the lives of people making our products. This vision statement sets a desired imminent position of the business to lead strategic direction. Adidas vision statement symbols the significance of leadership of the company in the sporting industry. The mission statement has determined the type of actions that describe the business and directs the development of tactics and strategies. It also indicates the long-term position of the organization in the sporting industry. However, due to the global climate change as a result of human actions and the need to protect the environment, it is essential for the company to include in its vision statement the desire to produce goods in an amicable atmosphere free from human pollution and destruction. Although Adidas has never been mentioned by any organization about the destruction of the environment, they should take that advantage to preach productions of goods while ensuring that environment is safe for all living things. In general, its vision statement is very effective since from it the direction, and the future position of the organization can be determined.

In conclusion, Adidas mission statement and vision statement underwrites the groundwork for employees actions and decisions. For instance, based on the details and mechanisms of corporate vision and mission, workers can develop solutions to their challenges, and address difficulties met at the workplace. Therefore, the influence, suitability, and effectiveness of mission and vision statements are factors that contribute to Adidas success in the global sporting industry.

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