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Organisational Analysis Essay on Winstanley Airlines

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Vanderbilt University
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Case study
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The globalization and liberalization have led to air travel to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, airlines need to have quality services to expand its market share and hence financial growth. This situation requires carriers to meet clients needs to their satisfaction. Meeting such condition will result in an improvement in both domestic and internal market share and hence profitability. As a result, there will be customer retention and attract more which is the aim of all business venture. To accomplish all that one of the factors to consider is ensuring internal services such as foods and drinks offered meet clients satisfaction. Having faulty ovens as shown in the Winstanley airlines case study can lead to foodborne diseases which risks lives of the passengers and cabin crew members among other people aboard as demonstrated by. For this reason, an urgent action plan is needed to stop any such situation. The first plan would be to pursue Ozland flight equipment to honor its service warranty which is also supported by Australian law. The second plan would be to replace with better ovens to minimize the risk of accidents or losing clients.

Ozland fight equipment (OFE) is based in Australia which means that the Australian consumer law protects the clients services by this company in case they delay to honor their warranty. After fourteen months of installation, their oven started to malfunction which they have hesitated to solve. The Australian Consumer law compels the OFE to provide quality goods and services on mandatory terms failure to which it is liable for a legal violation and hence penalties. This law provides consumer protection and guarantees to clients who receive services or goods from Australian based companies where OFE falls. Therefore since Winstanley airline is the consumer in this context, it deserves a solution from its supplier or prompts a legal action in case OFE delays to honor its warranty for sorting the ovens problem. OFE responded to the issue by stating that they would handle the issue as stated in the warrant which legally binds them to solve concerns on the failing electronics they installed in the Winstanley airlines aircrafts.

Additionally, since the problem is urgent, the ovens could be replaced by the types which have been tested and confirmed by other airlines to be reliable. For instance, Finnair uses steam ovens which are simple to use as little expertise is required to operate them. These ovens are also considered efficient as compared to the convection oven which is complicated to operate and less efficient when preparing food. The less complicated equipment when using, require minimal operational skills, as well as training that lead to minimal accidents at the plane. Also, the Winstanley airlines can adopt an in-house technician to monitor the ovens and do repairs once they occur to improve the quality of services and minimize complaints. Furthermore, establishing the minimum time between installation and need for the first restoration of the ovens can help predict when the next repair will be due to control the situation.

In conclusion, Winstanley airlines have to ensure it provides quality services to ensure its local and international competitiveness. The faulty ovens installed by OFE creates a dire situation that needs an urgent action plan. The first plan would be to pursue Ozland flight equipment to honor its service warranty which is also supported by Australian law. The second idea would be to replace with better ovens to minimize the risk of accidents or losing clients. Bibliography

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