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Once Upon a Time Novel: Fear as a Cause of Choices that People Make

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Every person has experienced fear at some point in life. Fear is a reaction that the body produces whenever people feel that they are in danger, threaten or scared by certain situations. Anxiety can also be described as the ability to identify a threat and make choices of either facing it or feeling away from the danger. The choice made entirely depend on the victim. Therefore, this paper will discuss how fear contributed to the decisions that were made by the character so that they could protect themselves from possible attacks in the short story Once Upon a Time by Nadine Gordimer. Parents often love their children, and they would do anything to protect them from harm. According to the novel Once Upon a Time, due to the fear of losing their kid and his pets, the parents decided to fence the swimming pool that was inside the compound so that the little boy together with his pets could not fall inside and get drawn. As a result of fear of being attacked by the strangers, the husband and the wife decided to employee housemaid and the gardener recommended by the trusted neighbors'. Additionally, the fear of losing their properties made them ensure their properties against flood and damages caused by fire.

According to the novel Once Upon a Time, the husband and his wife decided to subscribe to local neighborhood Watch who supply them with a plaque written.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED." According to them, the pacing the plaque with a warning sign in the gates will helps to instill fear to the possible intruders. Due to fear of racism, the watch supplying the plaque decides to put on the mask so that people could not determine whether he was black or white. Due to the fear of being attacked one day by the riots living in the squatters and removing the plaque with the symbol "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED," the husband together with his wife decide to fit their gate with electronically controlling gadgets in the gat. According to the novel, the intention of fitting the gate with the gadget is to force anybody who would want to remove the plaque with the symbol "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED," announce their intention through speaking to the receiver located in the house.

Moreover, the housemaid decided not to give food to the individuals who were hanging in the suburb as they look for jobs. The housemaid feared that those people might tie and locked her in the cupboard. The husband and his wife had instructed the housemaid to take some loafers as well as tsotsisto them. However, after concern rose by their housemaid, the wife decided to change her mind and heed the advice. Additionally, due to the fear that the intruders might climb the wall, the husbands mother decided to buy extra bricks to be used in raising the wall higher.

In the novel Once Upon a Time, due to the increased burglary in the suburb areas, the husband and the wife decided to have a walk and look for a perfect wall that they can put up in their home to prevent the intruders from accessing their homes. During their walk, they passed several walls with different design and looked. Later after taking serious consideration, they decided to choose the ones with the ugliest look but guarantee them security. The wall they decided to put up consisted of metal serrated with jagged blades having a continuous coil of stiff indicating efficiency regarding protection since nobody could be able to climb a wall of such type.


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