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Essay Example: Armed Resistance Against Boko Haram in Cameroon

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Boko Haram is a Nigeria's Islamic militant group founded by Sunni Islamic radical sect which has caused havoc in most Central and West Africa countries via bombing, abductions, assassinations. The group aims to overthrow the government. The group seeks to come up with a version of Islamic which forbids participation of Muslims in political and social activities. For years, the group has been involved with several attacks on public institutions including schools in West Africa. In 2011, the group bombed the United Nations headquarter in Abuja leading to the death of many people. Later in 2014, the same militant kidnapped 276 school girls from Chibok School in Northern Nigeria. The group penetrated Northern Cameroon in 2013. Since then several attacks and fights have been experienced in the region.

Report on November 2016 shows that the more than 1500 Cameroon have been killed, 155000 displaced and 73,000 are refugees. The Cameron militant group started their operations to fight the terrorist in 2013 whereby they dismantled hidden weapons and made an arrest on some Boko Haram leaders. Northern Cameroon has experienced more than 460 attacks followed by 50 suicide bombing. Cameroon government allowed to join (MNJTF) the sub-region group aimed at fighting the terrorist organization. In 2015, the government came up with measures to reduce the group penetration into the country among them being the ban of full-face veil, restriction of motorcycle taxis and closing the border. Recently, the group has shifted to control areas of Lake Chad thus destructing the economy of that are.

The declaration and the start of the fight towards the terrorist group by Cameroon soldiers have caused lives on both sides. The use of armed resistance by the Cameron soldiers is the best way to fight the unit which communicates through evils like bombing and abducting. Attacking their camp and eliminating their leaders weakens the group. In the case of Eritrea where they used, peaceful resistance to solve the problem, the impact was minimal due to low government involvement and slow communication. Negotiating with the terrorists yield minimal thus armed resistance is the only solution to combat the Boko Haram group. The group itself is archaic and barbaric.

Terrorism should receive the same degree of the punishments as their action, and this can be done best via armed resistance. The work of the forces of the coalition led by the Cameroon Forces has taken part in controlling some part of Nigeria. The group aims at identifying the affected areas, and logistics bases of Boko Haram terrorists. Through this resistance, the Cameroon army has recovered many explosives devices, dismantled training camps, neutralize of many terrorists and handing over several members to Nigerian force.

To combat the increasing attacks, the Cameroon government ought to increase the number of military soldiers in the field due to rising number of terrorism. Still, the government needs to cooperate and coordinate with the UN and other military states across West and North Africa. Through this, there will be enough army to secure all corners of the military and eliminate the group. Failure to use force with the terrorist an away into the entire Nigeria leading to radicalization and dictating their rules to the country. The militant is ready to use all means of including kidnapping and bombing to implement their beliefs and in entire Central Africa. Despite the use of armed resists the group is resilient and reorganizes itself stronger. The report is clear that the only way to eradicate the group is by use of armed "retaliation." So far Cameroon has partially succeeded thus more efforts, and strategies need to be put in place to end the attacks.

The article on Eritrea; Peaceful Resistance or Peaceful surrender agrees that the only time when non-violence means can be adopted is where there is a possibility of success. In the case of Boko Haram the group has already declined the request for peaceful negotiations thus Cameroon has to use the hard way. When Nazi attacked Albert Einstein country he wrote, "I loathe all armies and any violence: yet Im firmly convinced that at present these hateful weapons offer the only effective protection." The fact remains to attempt to make violence against the terrorists cannot succeed since killing machines will continue shooting until they get confronted the hard way. Armed Resistance is the only way to save the lives of innocent Cameroons and the rest west and Central African citizens.

Aggression must be used to save the country from attacks which destroy political, economic and political sectors. Self-defense against terrorist is necessary. The government should first eradicate Boko Haram via Armed Resistance, and later on, they can erect a rule of law and democracy to solve the issues raised and bring a liberal attitude. Activists like Martin Luther King argued that violent methods increases tension between the oppressed and the oppressor. They claim that the use of nonviolence method defeats the evil not the people hence use of the nonviolence method to combat Boko Haram in Cameroon, will kill what makes the Islamic group act crazy but, not the people. The fact remains that the only way to end Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon is by the use of armed resistance. The country should never negotiate with the terrorist since more lives will be lost and the group may end up controlling the state.

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