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Multiple Poems Analysis

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Which poems focus on the beauty of the natural world? How are these poems similar? How are they different?

Beauty by E-Yeh-Shure

Nothing Gold can Stay by Robert Frost

Barter by Sara Teasdale

The Wind Began to Rock the Grass by Emily Dickinson

Ill Tell You How the Sun Rose by Emily Dickinson

The above poems focus on expressing the beauty of the natural world through the use of metaphors to praise and emphasize on its beauty. They are similar in that they create a positive image of the natural world and the need to appreciate nature. However, they are different in structure, tone and the choice of language the authors use. This shows that despite the similarity in themes different authors will use different approaches to communicate to their audience.

A Poison Tree by William Blake

In A Poison Tree by William Blake metaphors are used to create a comparison between anger and a plant which is the poison tree in the poem. This metaphor is used to create a better understanding of how anger develops from a single misunderstanding to a significant problem which affects an individual and others who are close to him. In A Poison Tree by William Blake, the author argues that his wrath is like a seed that grows into a tree which he conceals on the inside to bear a poisonous apple which results to the death of his foe and friend.

The author seeks to show how poor communication and unwillingness to forgive leads to the development of great hatred which the narrator conceals to himself. The poisonous apple referred to in "A Poison Tree by William Blake is also a metaphor is an action that is aimed at hurting the narrator friend who had wronged him. The poem metaphor develops the theme of forgiveness which is common uncommon in the society and can lead to harm to both the person bearing the grudge or the one who is guilty of the offense. The poem warns against holding onto hurt in the form of a metaphor which shows that the fruits of hate are bitter and can only result in further harm.

All the Worlds a Stage by William Shakespeare

In the poem All the Worlds a Stage by William Shakespeare it is an extended metaphor in which the world is represented by a giant stage which also depicts the life of individuals in the world. The metaphor of the world as a stage shows that both men and women enter and exits the stage at some point. The entry and exit of the stage is a metaphor which shows the lifespan of an individual from birth which is the entry in the stage to the exit which refers to the death of an individual. After birth, another metaphor is used to indicate individual roles and activities while in the world as the activities actors play in the stage which represents different stages of life. Initially in the stage during acting one does not have enough understanding and they are helpless depending on imitation of other peoples to learn. This metaphor can be used to symbolize birth and childhood in which one has to depend on others for help to be able to learn different living requirements. Also, various roles in the drama is a metaphor which means the different roles that a man and a woman have to play in life until their death.

Life by James Russell Lowell

The theme of the poem Life by James Russell Lowell is the importance of putting value to life and using time productively because life is short and unpredictable. The author maintains that life is an opportunity that cannot be replayed hence, the importance to ensure one spends their time in life wisely to ensure that one live a purposeful life.

The poem uses rhyme scheme, and it is in the second person which helps creates a hopeful mood. The rhyme in the poem helps create harmony in the poem. The poem motivates the readers to be more careful and take advantage of the time one is alive to make the most out of it. The author uses a metaphor that Life is a leaf of paper white which means that life is an opportunity for each one of us to make a difference. The author's point of view is that everyone is responsible of the outcomes in their life and also one is at liberty of choosing what they would want to do in life, but no one can choose the time of birth or death which makes life an opportunity.


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