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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - Movie Review Example

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Movie review
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In the film, there is the portrayal of Mr. Smith who is a young boy trying to figure out how to handle life issues. Smith is made to be a leader of the Boy Rangers after the governor of the state realized that he had the potential of making the team achieves its mission and goals. While he is working as the leader, Smith ends up getting into contact with the President of the Senate, Joseph Paine. Smith was still young and the short time that he spent in Washington was enough to make him realize some of the shortcomings and adverse events that were taking place under the political system. For instance, Smith met Jim Taylor who wanted to bribe him and also had the intention making him be part of a scandal that was taking part in the state.

The movie had some connections when it came to the "still" work of art that Mathew Brady had devised in the 1860s. Abraham Lincoln was known by as a man of his words. He did not want to be a part of the negative activities that were taking place in the country. Most of the people opted to choose him as the leader because he had the mission of doing away with corruption and also ensure that the economy of the country was restored to its normal condition. In that case, the movie uses Smith to portray the same character that was seen in Lincoln. Smith was also a straightforward individual who wanted to be in a society that was full of peace and had a group of people who were united towards solving the common and shared matters.

The movie shows that Senator Samuel Foley died and the Governor had to find a replacement for his position, in that case, he went ahead to discuss the issue with a group of his confidantes and they chose Smith as the best replacement for the job. At that time, Smith did not have any political knowledge, but he had shown some leadership skills that people could grasp and use a way of coming up with the right structures. At the time when Abraham Lincoln was getting to the position of being a leader, he did not have any idea on how to carry out the projects and activities when it came to matters of politics. He grew to gain experience after he had already been elected as the President of the United States and therefore became a leader of the majority.

Smith is seen to be a person who is full of patriotism, and that was the reason why he kept talking about Lincoln while presenting his speech. Smith was mostly oriented on the role that the children played in the society, and therefore, he wanted the society to respect them at all instances. Many people knew Lincoln to be a person who was in love with the young adults and wanted to see them rising to positions of power. Many liked the fact that Lincoln was strong and ready to train those who had joined his forces since the believed that they were part of the future developments and successes of the country. Therefore the work of art that Mathew Brandy uses is a better way of making people develop a connection that exists between the Smiths' and Lincoln's characters.

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