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Essay Example on Women and Voting Rights

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In America currently, the vast population of women plays a crucial role in the voting process. The main reason for voting is to exercise their right to vote as set out in the American constitution which gives them a right to choose who they find the fit country. The right to participate in the voting process is located in the 19th amendment of the constitution and is commonly referred to as the women suffrage. Voting enables women in America to engage in politics and ensure what they are fighting is heard and addressed by the government. Crucial political events that shape the country provide women with a chance to be heard and the issue affecting them handled in a manner that respects their rights as equal members of the society.

Another reason women in America votes is to increase their influence in the country, and this impacts the nation in various aspects. By giving power to women through the ballot, they can engage in multiple activities that boost their lives as well as the economy. Voting empowers the woman to feel included and proud to be part of historical events in the country.

Decision making in the country through voting enables women to get recognized through their ballot and how well they are good at shaping the leadership of America. Recent reports on polls indicate women have a significant impact on the election and play a crucial role in deciding who rules this great nation of ours.

By voting women ensure that their rights are upheld, and they can get leaders who can champion of fair treatment in various sectors of the government. Equality is an issue the ballot has continuously shaped by championing of women rights and the need to respect them.

One primary factor influencing the voting of women is the candidates stance on issues within the country and how they plan to deal with them. Educated women also are affected by candidates previous record at any level and how well they approached issues such as corruption. Candidates who are honest and considered to have integrity influences their decision to engage in voting.

The performance of the outgoing leaders, as well as the parties involved in the contest, also play a significant role in women voting in America. If the incumbent did not adequately address a specific issue affecting women, they are more likely provoke women to go the ballot and new leaders who can addressee their concerns. As such women get encouraged to vote so they can change several problems they face.

In the justice system, the women have shaped public policy though campaigns to ensure gender equality in the recruitment and other areas of government. They have reshaped the way we viewed women and promoted the creation of a society that is not patriarchal. Through women involved in political democracy has been strengthened and how we handled issues significantly changed over the recent years. Today as result of women campaigns and mobilizations many of them are playing a crucial role advising and criticizing the various institutions that serve the citizens of America. Women in America regularly go public through interviews and other communication channels to talk about public policies and their shortcomings.



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