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Movie Review Example: World Religion in The Pianist Movie

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The Pianist is 2002 biographical film that was directed by Roman Polanski and follows the life of a pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman through the six years phase of World War II. Wladyslaw Szpilman is a Jewish pianist who works at a radio station in Poland, but it is unfortunate that the Polish army is defeated by the Germans as they bomb and invade their country. Although most of the scenes in the film display inhuman activities as the German soldiers mistreat and kill the Jews, the paper will discuss the depiction of humanistic side presented through the life events of the protagonist.

First, the Wladyslaw Szpilman who is the leading character is used to display humanism as his friend named Andrzej Bogucki helps him to run away and hide from the German soldiers who would have killed Szpilman. It is important to note that this was a humanistic act since Bogucki who saved the protagonist was a non-Jew, Humanity seems doomed to do more evil than good. The greatest ideal on earth is human love. As the film highlights, there was a rivalry between the Jews and non-Jews during the war, hence the difficulty of another group saving a person from a different community. Regardless, Wladyslaw Szpilmans friend was interested in human well-being and that why he found interest in ensuring that he finds his way out of the ghetto since he was a gun-smuggling suspect.

Second, the character is also used by the director to portray that there were humanistic practices during the war as Szpilman shares a meal with his family members just before they are transported away from the ghetto. Notably, Wladyslaw Szpilmans family had gone for days without eating anything; however, his father shows his interest in peoples wellbeing when he decides to use his last 20 zlotys to buy a piece of candy from a young boy so that they can share as a family. Arguably, if Szpilmans father was heartless, he would have refused to share the small pieces of candy with the other family members since they were small to satisfy everybody.

Third, Wladyslaw Szpilman is also used to represent the need to have a strong feeling for human welfare through Dakota who was his former girlfriend. After fleeing from the ghetto, Szpilman meets his former spouse named Dakota who is now married. Regardless, Dakota showcases her humanistic nature as she decides to hide the protagonist in an apartment so that the German soldiers do not find him, we were content for Germany to do without democratic representation and put up with pseudo. Moreover, it is not just Dakota who participates in this activity, but she is assisted by her husband who also plays a significant role in providing safety for the main character.

In brief, the film, The Pianist, centers on the events which hit Poland during World War II. Evidently, most people suffered during the war in Poland because of the inhuman acts of the Germany Army. Nonetheless, the director of the films manages to use the protagonist to portray the positive and merciful nature of the people. For example, the paper has provided the situation where Wladyslaw Szpilmans father decided to buy the family their last meal together with his last coin. Although the food was little, he was compassionate and did not want any of his family members to stay hungry. Moreover, the paper has also discussed the scene where the protagonists non-Jewish friend saves him from the German military. The use of the leading character to depict compassionate recurs when he leaves the ghetto and meets Dakota who hides him in an apartment.

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