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Managing Innovation at Nypro - Management Case Study

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Case study
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Nypro is a company dealing with the provision of molded plastic components serving healthcare, packaging and consumer electronics markets. In this enterprise, customer molding capabilities and accelerated product launches are enhanced by the effective collaboration, data-driven engineering systems and a comprehensive end to end approach. The approach of utilization of most recent technologies presents an opportunity to high operation savings as technologies save precious seconds off the manufacturing processes turning to high savings in large volume productions. The major plastic mold capabilities in the company are; synthetic part optimization, mold engineering development, mold-life asset management, high precision production and plastic qualification and validation.

The internal innovation market in this company operates through the following interventions. Firstly, the organization is structured in a manner that facilitates internal competition among workers. There is an increased comparison of the performance statistics of different groups which are attributed to the internal rivalry resulting in progress through rivalry. The competition is fostered by Lankton as he is a competitive individual aiming at beating anyone else in the field and influences teamwork in all operations. In each location, all Nypro plants are organized as companies with different professionals designed to come up with different ideas and variety of disciplines. Customer specific projects focused on the development and process improvement issues have provided an avenue for an innovative culture.

Most organization processes have been tailored to solve production and profitability problems to the customers. Some Nypro innovations are initiated by senior management through manufacturing resource planning adoption. This integrated approach allows communication about production within the industry and with the customer. With this software adoption then different plant managers can compete effectively and track performance within the company. Innovative ideas have stemmed from the nature of plant managers. For instance, some managers are more concerned with the aspect of effective production and environmental conditions which influence the operation of workers. In such an example the production facility manager in Clinton adopted clean operating rooms by dealing with visual cleanliness, particle size, air circulation and air quality. This initiative went a long way in enhancing product quality and employee productivity. The clean room initiative after success was then adopted by the management and has influenced the molding process.

Innovation management is effected by the provision of enabling environment and resources to enhance the participation of all stakeholders in the improvement of the products. Lankton has developed a structure that allows interaction of various employees such that their strengths and ideas are factored into the development of products. It is on his best initiatives that he has enabled the contribution of customers in the provision of information resourceful in the continuous development of products. Conceptualization of ideas emanating from the various stakeholders is an essential aspect of the development of the company. The manager has made possible the utilization of a standard software that allows the different production units compete by communicating on the production planning both internally and in dealing with the customers. The implementation of various customized systems is being done with the establishment of a special team which makes the entire process possible.

In its presentation, the scope of innovations in the company is on the means of production rather than the product, and therefore it has been possible for the manager to observe the implied increases in costs from such developments. In this manner, the managerial team is tasked with the improvement of production and profitability challenges of the customers. The adoption of similar production techniques as required by global payers has enabled the consideration of similar machines, process control, mold technology and same procedures which influence the global outlook. In this manner, management includes observing the same standards for product and therefore operates as per customer requirements. The management has adopted a responsive and entrepreneurial culture in all separate little units organized as individual companies.

The NovaPlast decision on the production of low-volume and high mix products would largely be determined by the profitability index of adoption. This technology as presented is crucial in targeting small markets and businesses still providing competition on the grounds of speed and variety of products. Nypro for the period before 1990 adopted the bid and expensive equipment and technology requiring time to set up and change mold involved. In this approach, the consideration of training of workers and the effort applied in the practical generation of the competitive advantage would be realized. The machines were efficient, but the underlying challenge on the controls included and the training to result in best molds was understood to be vexing.

The best initiative for the introduction of this technology would have been the improvement of certain company units to deal with the market niche for low-volume high mix plastics. Rolling out the technology in shifts would allow enough time for training and development of personnel and resources to focus on the area. This idea presented as the first option with senior management and occurs as the most feasible as the employment of NovaPlast machines would contribute to engineering efficiency. The concentration of this technology would also reduce complications in use of the machines as only trainees would operate them. Specialization of other units would also contribute to the overall success. After the adoption of the machine in some localities then roll out would be done in consideration to the market needs in the different territorial units.

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