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Literary Analysis Essay on New Colossus by Emma Lazarus

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The division of the poem can be in two parts, that is, part 1 and part 2.The title "colossus" represents the ancients Seven Wonders of the World. However, the title gives a further insight that the statue is new compared to the ancient statue of liberty when reading the first line, "Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame" it gives clarification on which colossus is discussed. More so, the part one reading between the lines 1-9 reveals a voice because of the use of the self-reflexive noun "I" and pronoun "her." The statue represents the use of fiction. For example, in part 2, line 9-14, the statue addresses the immigrants, a context of USA, "Give me your tired.masses". The pronoun "she" give the statue a woman voice which is fictive. The use of "our" implies the presence of implicit addressee in part to the explicit addressee in the first part of the reading. The conversation seems emotional on the subject of how to behave. However, the mode of the poem is lyrical since it is a representation of a short sonnet with only 14 lines. However, interpreting the message of the addressee, it is an encouragement of the immigrant to settle in new America, a different world. For example, line 13, "send these, the homeless to me" shows a cordial invitation to a new home for everyone that is a trajectory of heaven. In fact, the addressee says, the new home glows for a worldwide welcome. The use of simile is also eminent, for example, "Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame" in the first two lines indicates the variation between the new colossus and the old colossus. The speaking statue also shows the element of personification in the poem. Symbolism is also used significantly in the poem, for instance, the statue of liberty is a representation of America.

The context of the poem is set in French revolutionary period in 1883. It was meant to motivate the European nations who were still under the control of the tyranny. Besides, the poem contains a lot of contrast images of fire and water, light and dark, freedom and imprisonment, and land and sea. Although France intended to use the poem as propaganda, Lazarus turned it into an intention to transform the civic culture. When evaluating the poem, the dominant theme is immigration. In the United States, immigration is a significant topic of discussion because of the recent punitive policies against the Mexican, African and Muslim immigrants. As much as the poems furnish America with a personal refuge look, the dilemma falls on the safety of immigrants in the USA today. Following the recent forceful deportation of immigrants from all over the world by the trump administration, indicates the internal struggles that immigrants face. The family separation caused by the government move was condemned globally, but still, the fate of an immigrant is not absolute. The quest to chase the American dream is uncertainty because of the fear of the unknown. America as a new mother of exiles is still horrific despite the confident hope of the immigrants. Despite the current immigrant situation in the United States, the poem is still relevant in fighting the will of the American culture to accept strangers. It is a glorifying pitch to welcome the immigrants who have fled their mother countries with a reason. In fact, America remains an active player globally on the issue of immigration. The poem also gives an insight into the ancient European monarchy, where democracy was a laugh marked with massive hyperpartisanship, discriminative congressional bills, and heightened inequality. The liberty cry for the homeless, needy and the tired regardless of the country of origin gives the poem iconic recognition and relevance in the real world.

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