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Kratom Substance - A Research Paper Example

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Research paper
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Kratom is a native plant mostly found in rainforests of Asia. It is also known as Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom has been used for a long period in herbal treatment that boosts up energy, reduces pain, and regulates symptoms of depression and anxiety. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has incorporated it as one of the drugs and chemicals that can harm users. DEA claims that the kratom exhibits opioid characteristics. This research seeks to evaluate the effects of kratom on its users. According to the users, they are against the attempts to ban the herbal substance by confirming that it is safe. Users also argue that the substance is effective as compared to painkillers that are prescribed in the pharmaceuticals counter like morphine. They opine that kratom is less addictive. Based on evidence from kratom users, the substance is safe to use.

According to the Ethnopharmacology study of 2013, kratom leaves contain alkaloids that transpire naturally. Among the 25 alkaloids, hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine have opiate characteristics. These compounds purely act on receptors of opiate in a way that is less severe than morphine, which is hypothetically deadly and highly addictive. Kratom users say that the substance keeps them vibrant. No experiences of side effects are reported, and the substance users claim addiction habits are mild and can be mitigated (Keiler, 2015). The federal government should not ban the substance before they prove that it is harmful. However, caution must be taken such that the substance to reduce its abused. Similarly, marijuana is recognized as a medical herb with little side effects, but some people misuse it. Kratom remains legal in 49 U.S. states unlike in India where it is banned (DiSalvo, 2013).

Kratom is used to treat chronic diseases according to the scientists. It has been used as an anti-diarrhea medicine and a recreational drug in Southeast Asia for many years. The substance is famous for producing effects similar to opioid.The effects include sedation to stimulation. Moreover, kratom is used for education purposes in folk medicine. The substance is considered infamous because its effects are similar to opiates (Seuss, 2013). Even though the users have shared, their experiences of how useful is the substance, the Drug Enforcement Administration maintain that it eventually lead to mental problems. Users argue that the herbal substance should not be banned before scientific proof that kratom is harmful and unhealthy to use. The plant does not pose threats or safety concerns. Support of kratom argues that it is stimulant like coffee and should never be banned. Many of the kratom users also argue that its ban will need much campaigned because it is more efficient than other painkillers like morphine. Stakeholders of pharmaceuticals could advocate for its ban because they feel threatened that it might take over the market and reduce sales of their products.

In conclusion, kratom is a useful herbal substance that treats many diseases including chronic diseases that other painkillers cannot possibly treat. Further research is necessary to ascertain the harmful effect of kratom. It must be used only for medicinal purposes to avoid drug abuse.



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