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Interview with a Physical Therapist - Essay Example

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University of Richmond
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Brian Kenzo is an alumnus of George State University with a bachelors degree in physical therapy. I met Mr. Brain Kenzo in the facility when I had taken my relative for his therapy session and have been in constant communication ever since. Coincidentally, he is an experienced professional in the career path I intend to take. Brain Kenzo has 10 years working experience in the healthcare and social aid industry. So, I requested him for a sit-down interview that would enlighten me of the physical therapist world. I wanted to know he got his current position as a senior therapist in such a prestigious facility and what his present job description. I was also curious the pros and cons of his job as well as the challenges of a physical therapist.

Brian Kenzo advised me on the critical moves of developing a career in physical therapy he said that career growth and development is a collaborative effort with facility seniors. He further told me that to gain experience one should proactively job shadow other employees within the facility to learn different jobs that are about your career objectives and path. It is equally important to gain both short term and long term skills that would propel the growth. One could explore lateral moves by volunteering; attend training sessions that will broaden your knowledge of physical health and therapy. More importantly, to succeed in the demanding, dynamic industry of health and recreation one must have a career management strategy and the most significant opportunity to excel is to involve experienced practitioners in the career planning process. He went further to tell me that the only way he has remained employable was by aggressively taking any available opportunity and committing to improve his skills and knowledge.

When I asked him how he got his current position in the facility, he laughed silently and said, hard work my friend, hard work. He began his career in a recreation center where he worked as an intern for six months; he later moved to Genesis Rehab services where he started off as a physical therapy assistant. Brian is currently a senior physical therapist in the facility. He informed me that he had to go through several panel interviews for his current position. What made him outstanding among his competitors was his skill and experience to deal with a broad spectrum of treatments, which are cardiopulmonary, hand therapy, neurology disorder and sports injuries.

After that explanation, I was now curious about his job responsibility and objectives. He explained that physiotherapy is a vibrant career that has an extensive clinical function in the reinstatement, protection, and promotion of physical functionality of a patient. I learned that in his current job, he has a list of patients that he maintains and sees weekly. Well, besides that, he diagnoses and treats movement dysfunction to improve patients physical functions. It is also his responsibility to restore and maintain optimal bodily functions and general body wellness. He also prevents the onset, symptoms, and progression of impairments and disabilities that may be a result of disorders or injuries.

Brian Kenzo says that he enjoys his job. It is gratifying to witness the process of training a person to be functional and recover from a disorder or an injury. He also enjoys the flexibility of working with patients from all age groups and development stages of life. However, he says that the most significant challenge in the future for physiotherapists continued educational requirement advancement. The dynamics of the job also continue to demand the therapists to be physically there with long working hours which is emotionally challenging.

Professional Profile

First Name: Brain

Last Name: Kenzo

DOB: 14/2/1984

Gender: Male

Job Position/Title: Physical Therapist

Company: Genesis Rehab Services

Industry: Health care and social assistance

Level of Education (i.e. BA, MS, PhD): BA

Subject:Physical Therapy

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