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Inside the Pentagon - Movie Review Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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Movie review
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The film inside the Pentagon is purely confused in my view. Because; it is a terror that comes with any war. Years later after its happening, when witnessing what individuals are going through regarding mastery of the events that took place at that time when technology was not yet well developed. It shows how vulnerable the world is. In the film, people are working in the Pentagon when the American Airlines 77 strikes. However, it is challenging to tell facts of their survival indeed. Survivors such as firefighters and military personnel show how the horrible day was. It comes with a feeling of loose of control, more confusion and emotional turmoil (Prados and porter, 2005). Screened information such as the number of people who died instantly being 77 among the 53 passengers and six crew show the impact was indeed intense because the jet was moving at a speed of more than 500MPH.

Prevention of another 9/11 tragedy is what came into the minds of many including the president of American during that moment and even in the current situation. In respect to written sources, it is evident that President Bush and his vice Cheney were offered the first view by Feith who was the policy chief a sign that America was able to construct its rules and people must obey such policies set out. An account that has changed such challenging situation in this era (Lebrun et al., 2011). In fact, societies are organized to show the distinction of various social units something that shows different families affected as well as the government. Hence the concern of the whole population (Rose, 2000). Globally, when Americans were behaving in a manner suggesting to help the victims shows that people behave differently in various groups. On the other hand, the spirit of heroism in the society takes center stage where many men and women make considerable risks in the process of rescuing other in this tragedy, save the nation's military headquarters as well as to defend their own country.

The size as well as the structure of the Pentagon presenting challenges compelling rescuers to look for alternative means in this dangerous and unusual circumstance. Only to manage to extinguish the fire when infrastructure had already gone beyond imaginable destructions. It is hard to withstand such conditions despite it being a place of work for some individuals. In my view, these actions show the social interaction that is significantly the base or somewhat the basis for the general principle of constructing a society. In such instances, it depicts that the communication between individuals is a reflection of what people believe .therefore it is my standpoint that, social change is very crucial and more importantly necessary for human survival (Gidding, 2012). Thus having a human heart for helping other physiologically, spiritually and mentally has improved a lot in most societies.


The Pentagon was the second complicated build specifically for the military during the FDR's presidency. Thus it was an essential place for the country's defense purposes. In my opinion, this might be the reasons behind the considerable worry of the president of American during that time.Therefore such attack on the on the Pentagon cannot be overlooked at all. However, from the recent documentaries being developed it is evident that the Pentagon was ever a target Prados and porter, 2005). The act of most of the American employees who embraced the spirit of being fearless in the process of facing such terror to save others as well as save the military capacity of the nation. Such incidences include; caring for the injured and wounded people, going back into the inferno to rescue others, and crawling blindly through the dark areas and smoky corridors among other remain in the minds of many. Therefore making the society to have confidence in one another and significantly promote socialization via interactions in various aspects of the community as a whole.



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