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Immigrant Criminals Should Be Given a Second Chance Before Deported - Essay Example

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Immigrant deportation has been one of the controversial issues that were recently raised by the administration of President Donald trump. This question has sparked a lot of reaction from several quarters with the division in opinion regarding the same emanating from black American who thought that they are the target of the directive. However, even, American natives have had a differing opinion concerning the topic calling for the reevaluation of the directive's impact in totality. The instruction has come at a time when trump administration suggests that the immigrant who has committed a crime should be deported to their countries for the lack of respect to the countries they are residing. The issue in its entirety must elicit mixed reaction not only within the immigrant families but also to anybody who cherishes living and coexisting together as humanity. With great fanfare, recently the immigrants and customs enforcement official announced the arrest of more than 3000 convicted criminals. Surprisingly, the offenders were composed of the aliens. The attention that grabbed the daily headlines is that about 1,600 had committed a felony, seven of them were convicted of kidnapping, madder attempt, armed assault and molestation of the child.

The problem with such announcement is that they blur the picture of the individuals who are called the criminal aliens. Among the notions that run through and over is that, an immigrant who commits a crime becomes a subject to deportation. This issue is not particularly in one country by come from all over the world. More recently, the United States Supreme Court has even endorsed the deportation several Somalia refugees who were convicted of assault, back o Somalia where there is no formal government. In the year 2002, the US government had begun deporting Cambodian refugees who were also convicted to have committed d criminal offenses. So admittedly, it is not us that initiated the law and passed it alone, but several others countries followed suit. The issue and the parliament question is that, could these people be given an amnesty for once and allowed to reform before the consideration of deporting them back to their countries. As legal services attorney in the San Francisco, he represented some clients who were being evicted because of the crimes they had committed in the state they resided. In taking a position in this course of the debate, it is of great importance to get rid of the criminals from a country. Discarding the criminal element attributable to a given or a foreign nation sounds an admirable goal. However, there are numerous pertinent questions and arguments for and against using deportation as the only available means to achieving this goal. The first problem being the impact of banishment has on the members of the family who remain and employers. Second, hat has resided many exportable foreign nationals in the United States since the infancy. Thirdly, deportation implies that the criminal justice system is weak and cannot correct the mistake and only views it as a scary thus they cannot rehabilitate incarcerated persons.

Rethinking on ways of removing and developing reasonable alternatives to deportation, therefore, becomes one of the most critical paradigms that ought to be made more explicit. However, it presents myriads of challenges since not every country will adopt the developed ways of dealing with the guidelines. The current deportation policies in a broad view destroy lives of those who fall prey to it, and more importantly, it destroys U.S. families and several communities at large in the process. In the wake, when individuals are forcefully deported, nothing is gained, and ultimately, we all lose. It is, therefore, a matter of concern if the there could be a need to restoring the pre-1996 discretion to immigration judges to enable them make a fair judgment as well as reasonable assessment to of whether an immigrant can be given a second chance. Apart from this suggestion, ICE needs to practice its discretion in granting a probation type period to individuals as their behavior is observed.

Within the world of corporate fraud, the prosecution tends to suggest a fascinating method that could be used in developing numerous alternatives to the deportation of criminal aliens. In response to the extent of corporate scandals, federal prosecutors are adopting strategies to manage the complexity of the prosecutions in a bid to foster a better behavior on the part of the corporations. For instance, by employing the prosecution guidelines, prosecutors can choose to differ prosecution in cases where the companies cooperate with an investigatory agent and assume remedial actions to the remedy its illegal behaviors. This can now culminate to the deferred prosecution agreement between the corporation and government, which is an essential element form of probation, thus the government, through the adoption of such, will suspend charges against the company if all the required details of the agreement are fulfilled.

Trumps supporters have articulated on the law that it is clear the violators should know and face the consequences as they expect Trump to follow through. Thus, any illegal alien that has committed any unlawful crimes should be immediately deportable. The attorney who worked in the criminal defense and immigration say the lines are even murkier than the possible inequalities of the criminal justice system should seep into the immigration court system. Deportation should not be used a tool to punish people who in one way or the other have paid their debt to the society and move on with their lives. One of the chairs of the San Diego immigrant rights consortium stated in one of the emails saying that the nation should reject the double jeopardy style of justice because technically, the system of deportation only serves to separate families. Additionally, it undermines trust in the rule of law enforcement putting everybodys safety at risk. It is thus unimaginable that the developed countries can claim to portray that their justice system is weak to handle these crimes committed by both aliens and natives of a given state. These are just human beings if any of them commits any crime, it is paramount that an individual is punished as the law stipulates and convicted individually but not as a nation. In this case, the country will be seen as able to deal even with its internal affairs since no nation can deport its natives if they commit heinous action but rather would present them for corrective measures.

With numerous and increasing severe criticism for the soaring number of deportations under his leadership, President Obama consented in March 2010 to re-examine the issue. Nevertheless, most of the discussions focused on the illegal immigrants from south of the border. It was discovered however that about ten percent of the total number of deported immigrants were legal permanent residents according to Immigration Policy Centre (IPC) which is a branch of American Immigration Council (AIC). Those who constituted the ten percent deportees include those that were apprehended for committing various crimes but were not given a chance to reform, as many of them would wish. These sections of deportees are found to have their families and in most cases are working for the well-being of their families. One of the extraordinary situations is what happens o the families of such convicts who are deported. With the hard times, such families are left in anguish with several of them opting to find the menial job to sustain their livelihood.

Immigration Reforms

Immigration reforms are then the solution of the perennial debate with different solutions to help these individuals because therein nothing wrong by granting immigrants amnesty to reform. Immigration is nonetheless good for an economy; some would reason this way while others champion for their deportation for holding that they take up the available jobs and leave natives with little or no responsibility. However, in the real sense, immigration provides benefit to the national economy whether they crossed the borders illegally or legally. The fact that many of the immigrants are willing to work in the plantations, clean houses, bus tables and produce, allows many of the natives to afford ready labor as well as better services

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