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How to Overcome Self Issues at the Workplace

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Sometimes managing emotions at the workplace can be a daunting task for managers and business leaders. As a manager, managing emotions effectively can be a major determinant of managerial success in the workplace. Emotions spread from one person to another through human interactions. If not handled with care, emotions and personal issues can spill over to the workers, and this may affect not only their morale but also the relationship between the leader and the followers.

Embracing smiles and laughter is an important avenue through a manager can deal with self-issues at the workplace. As human beings, there is always a set of neurons whose job is to detect smiles and laughter in other people and give smiles and laughter in return. A manager who is easy going and laughs triggers a spontaneous laughter from followers, creating an emotional bond with them. As a result, the followers show the willingness to share with them about issues at the workplace (Asghar, 2014). This is critical in the sense that laughter relieves both the subordinates and the managers in equal measure in such encounters hence would help the manager overcome stress or any personal issue they may be facing. In this regard, the situation highlighted in the case study can be dealt with through laughter, smiles, and handshakes with followers. Besides, laughter creates a favorable atmosphere for communication.

Communication is an important tool for managers to overcome self-issues. In any human interaction, people share with each other some of the experiences they often encounter in their daily lives (Asghar, 2014). Conversations that do not necessarily touch on job issues can be a good reliever to emotional problems. As a manager, it is important that one avoids situations where interactions with employees entail formal exchanges because this may further aggravate the situation. This is important because it is not favorable to communicate when one is hungry as it would affect the ability of the employees to decode correctly what is being passed on them by the leader (Bolton, 2005). As such issues related to work may be postponed to give one time to cool off and engage in rational judgments.

Participating in social and physical activities is an avenue through which leaders can vent their emotions. A social activity enables one to distance themselves from negative thoughts due to the presence of stimuli. Social activities increase the positive moods of individuals. Persons with positive moods are more likely to sustain social interactions. Social interactions enable one to share their experiences with others. As a consequence, the issues that cause anger are mitigated. Physical activity improves circulation of oxygen in the body hence improved blood supply to all parts of the body (Bolton, 2005). In the context of the case study, getting out the office and opting to take coffee outside the workplace encompass as a physical activity and social activity as a manager. This act will not only enable the manager to cool off but also helps them to identify the source of the anger and handle it accordingly.

It is apparent from the discussion that embracing smiles and laughter is an essential tool for relieving ones self-issues in the workplace. Communication enables people to share experiences with other employees regardless of their rank in the organization. Further participating in social activity can improve the moods of the manager thereby reducing anger.



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