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Historical Review of the University of Pennsylvania - Essay Sample

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In 1779, the then College of Philadelphia was seized by the state of Pennsylvania and transformed into the University of the State of Pennsylvania, which led to the creation of the first state school and first university in the United States CITATION Pennd1 \l 1033 (Penn, n.d). The name of the institution was changed to the University of Pennsylvania in when it was made private in 1791 after the end of the revolutionary fervor. The motto of the University of Pennsylvania is Leges sine moribus vanae, which in English means laws without morals are useless. The Universitys seal is made of seven stacked books on slanted desk top. The books contain the following titles: Theolog, Astronom, Philosoph, Mathemat, Logica, Rhetorica, Grammatica CITATION Uni17 \l 1033 (University of Pennsylvania, 2017). The motto appears on the periphery of the stacked books. Both the seven stacked books and the university motto are encircled with the encryption of the institutions name, that is, University of Pennsylvania.

Early campuses include University of the State of Pennsylvania, 1789-1792; Old Jail, Third and Market Streets, Department of Medicine; Surgeons' Hall, 1765 through 1801; and Academy and Dormitory, Fourth and Arch Streets, 1749-1801 CITATION Pen04 \l 1033 (Penn, 2004). From its establishment until 1801, classes in the Department of Medicine were conducted in the Surgeons Hall, which was located on the Fifth Street close to Walnut Street. Despite the fact that the institution was moved to the Ninth Street in 1801, the Fourth Street still hosted the Academy and Charity school until 1877. In 1872, the institution was relocated to where it is located today, that is, Almshouse farm.

The institution went through a long period of evolving from a commuter school to a research university. It operated as a teaching college for almost a century and later on began to change with times to become a modern research institution. The German model contributed a lot to the changing of the institution into a research institution. Emphasis was not only placed on the transmission of knowledge, but also the creation of knowledge CITATION Pennd1 \l 1033 (Penn, n.d). The transformation into a modern research institution was characterized by the development of several professional schools. Both the Law School and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which were established in 1850 and 1852 respectively, provided the foundation for professional education. The Dentistry, the Whartons School of Finance and Commerce, Veterinary Medicine, and Fine Arts were founded in 1879, 1881, 1884, and 1890 respectively CITATION Pennd1 \l 1033 (Penn, n.d). The increase in research grants and high-specialized faculty has seen the university become a modern research institution, to the extent of creating ENIAC, which is the worlds first all-electronic computer. The university promotes a spirit of innovation through business plan competition and the development of research parks and facilities.

Neither ACT nor SAT is given preference when admitting students. Those joining the fields of mathematics, technology, engineering and science are required to Math Level 2 Subject test and science subject test. The Admissions Selection Committee is committed to enrolling who will meet the needs of various disciplines and fields in the United States and globally, and who have a wide range background, do only come from the United States, but also from other parts of the world CITATION Pennd2 \l 1033 (Penn, n.d). The committee conducts a holistic review of each application so as to take into consideration all the qualitative, quantitative, numeric and descriptive aspects of the application. The holistic evaluation of the applications enables the committee to objectively consider the applicants record of intellectual curiosity and academic excellence, the potential impact to the institution, leadership skills, and interests and hobbies and how they relate to the required standards.

Penn offers a wide range of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university offers various programs in art and sciences, engineering and applied sciences, education, medicine, law, design, communication, nursing, and social policy and practice CITATION Uni17 \l 1033 (University of Pennsylvania, 2017). On average, 98 percent of the students stay on for a second year, what is above the average retention rate at 71 percent. It is one of the best universities in the country when it comes to freshman retention. When narrowed down to Pennsylvania, the average retention rate for universities and colleges is 78 percent, which is below Penns 98 percent. Up to 95.6 percent of the undergraduate students finish their studies at the University of Pennsylvania within a period of six years. The institution also has a record of graduating its students faster than expected. 95.8 of the students admitted at the University of Pennsylvania graduate. This exceeds the nationwide graduation rate that stands at 55 percent CITATION Colnd \l 1033 (College Factual, n.d).

The University of Pennsylvania is a major research institution, not only in the United States, but also globally CITATION Uni17 \l 1033 (University of Pennsylvania, 2017). It does not only generate important new knowledge, but also use the knowledge to improve the lives of communities. The institution has world-class laboratories, centers, and facilities that help it to address the most challenging problems. The main facilities can be accessed by corporate partners in solving the challenging problems include The Singh Center for Innovation and Veterinary Center for Clinical Investigations. One of the sites, Innovation at Penn Nursing, addresses the impact of healthcare technology on patient care and nursing education.

One of Penns most famous alumni is the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. He is also an American business magnate, an author, a television personality, and an investor CITATION Rannd \l 1033 (Ranker, n.d). He is the founder of the Trump Entertainment Resorts and served as the chairman and president of the Trump Organization. Through the Apprentice, he became a well-known celebrity. During this show, he would offer the winner of this business challenges a six-figure job in his organization. His main objective was to stimulate and nurture entrepreneurship. Donald Trump is the best known brand name ion real estate. The name appears everywhere in the Atlantic City, condos and major commercial buildings. He is the first person from the business world to become the president of the United States. He is also the first person to get to the presidency directly without having to hold other lower political positions in the country. Today, he is one of the most powerful people in the world. Donald Trump graduated from Wharton, Penns school of business in 1968. It is claimed that he graduated the top of his class.

Other famous graduates from the University of Pennsylvania include Warren Buffet who is an influential and successful businessperson, investor, and investor; Ivanka Trump who is the oldest daughter and current advisor to President Trump; John Legend who is a famous musician; Elizabeth Banks who is a producer, a director, and an award-winning actor CITATION Rannd \l 1033 (Ranker, n.d). Others include Rod Rosenstein who is the deputy attorney general and Jon Huntsman Jr who served as the governor of Utah and is the current ambassador to Russia.

Penn works together with local communities on a lot of bold initiatives. The institution is copmmitted top promoting peaceful coexistence, supporting businesses in Pennsylvania, encouraging and empowering people to own homes, and promoting and improving public education CITATION Uni17 \l 1033 (University of Pennsylvania, 2017). The institution has established the Netter Center, which addresses all issues that are involved in community partnership programs. The Office of Government and Community Affairs manages the relationship between the institution with the government and community leaders in addition to advocating for policies and legislations that are not only consistent with the institutions goals, but also those that foster local engagement programs. The institution has various initiatives that are aimed at improving West Philadelphia education, such as raising and promoting interest in science and developing early-childhood learning skills, including skills in math and reading.

In conclusion, as the first university in the United States, Penn has contributed a lot to the society, from producing a good number of the most famous and influential persons, such as Donald Trump promoting public education and supporting area businesses, to creating knowledge that helps improve the lives of communities. The institution has gone through a long period of evolution from a commuter school to a research university, which does not only promote quality education for the students, but also better ways of addressing the most challenging problems, both in the immediate community and all over the world. This makes it one of the most important universities in the U.S whose existence and contributions cannot be taken for granted.


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