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Historical Essay Example: The Civil War of 1861 to 1865

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The civil war was fought from the year 1861. The southerners had seceded from the United States. The southerners were fighting against the abolition of slavery. The federal government never took the war seriously and thought it would end in minimal time. The northerners prevailed in the battle due to several advantages that they enjoyed.

The northerners had a strong industrial economy, with a good transport connection. They had railway links from their production industries to different locations; this enabled easy transportation of their war equipment and other supplies. This acted as a significant advantage to the north, while the south had just seceded from us; the north enjoyed a functioning government that was stable. Their president "Lincoln" managed to g8ive international support to the northerners. The northerners never lacked resources due to the availability of support from many channels. The south had miss prioritized their resource. This made the ability to fund the hard.

The northern government recruited blacks in the army. This was done by the president who was convinced by the Black abolitionist, Frederick Douglass. This made their army stronger and more substantial. Free slaves in the region were recruited in the military. This produced a force composed of both the whites and the blacks; they named their force "Union Force." The southerners tried the same but were not that successful on their side. The southerners mostly used the blacks as slaves. They mainly depended on the slaves for their economic growth hence involving them in the war will be a suicide on their economy.

Another strategy that the north used that lead to shifts in power from the south was the scorched earth policy adopted by the army. The army destroyed infrastructure hence leaving the south economy wounded. Most of the battles had been fought in the south leaving the areas damaged.

The most significant turning points of the civil war against the north were and the beginning of the war. The first two battles saw the Union losing consequently. The battle of Bull Run and the Kentucky invasion saw the confederates wining.

The battle of Bull red was the first disappointment for the north. The north had the confidence that they would outnumber the southern army and hence delivered the attack to confederate home. They attacked the capital of Virginia, Richmond. They received resistance, and they were defeated in the battle. The Norths were already enjoying the availability of a government on their side. The government on their side increased the number of their forces and made a law that was aimed at burning slavery.

The increase in the number of the army was a move to outnumber the southerners. They also introduce a rule that was made to end slavery. This was a move to weaken the south. The South depended heavily on the slaves for their economic development. The slaves were not involved in the fight directly. They used to build a fort and work for the soldiers. By burning slavery, the northerners wanted the slaves to turn against their masters hence weakening them.

The burn never gave the northerners the victory the though. During the invasion of Kentucky, the south emerged victorious against the north. Kentucky was a very strategic state to control. The win at Kentucky was vital as it gave the Confederate control over Tennessee and the Ohio rivers. This was also a turning point that was against the northerners in the civil war.

In general, the war favored the northerners. They had a function its government that was stable and used the state machinery to their advantage. This was one of the main reasons that lead to their victory. The victory that the southern garnered over the north in the first two battles was short lived due to the planning and resources the Union had. Therefore the norths were more superior compared to the south.


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