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The First World War - Report Example

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I. The effect of the European war on the US

There is a greater effect of European war on US. The European war stimulated the Economy of USA by ending depression and building of new industries. After the war, USA also managed to rebuild their country and even gained military power because of European war. All these happened because England was devastated by the war and therefore they could not support their economic activities but could only depend on the support from USA. Economy of USA grew significantly after the war because England used all its credits and became bankrupt. All these happened due to the effect of war between European and USA.

II. Background to the War in Europe

A.Pre-war European Alliance

The two international alliances formed by European countries to support each other during attack were triple alliance which was between Germany, Australia-Hungary and Italy and Triple ententer formed between countries such as France, Germany and Russia. The purpose of these alliances was the same as they were intended to prevent attacks from other nations.

1. Triple Alliance: Germany, Australia-Hungary, Italy

Triple alliance was a secret contract between Germany, Austra-hungary and Italy. This informal agreement was started in 1882 and its existence was renewed annually until 1915 when there was First World War. These countries formed an alliance to ensure they received war support in case there was an attack from their opponent (Kennan, 1984). The alliance made Germany and Austria-Hungary to support Italy when there was a battle between them and France while Italy had the responsibility of assisting Germany when attacked by France but Italy asked to be neutral when there was a war between Autria-hungary and Russia.

2. Triple ententer: Britain, France, Russia

Triple entente is a strong association between Great Britain, France and Russia. They called themselves as the nucleus of the allied powers. It was formed from Franco-Russian alliance and started operation in 1904 during the First World War (Taylor, 1918). It was a combination of different treaties such as Anglo-French Entente Cordiale and an HYPERLINK "" Anglo-Russian agreement and all these treaties were formalized together to form triple entente.

B. Root causes of European war

World War 1 happened between 1914 and 1918 where 17million people perished in the war. Among the people who were killed included 100000 soldiers belong to American Government. The World War 1 was caused by many things such as mutual defense of alliances (Hamilton, 1977). Countries such as Germany, France and even Austria-Hungary wanted to defend their alliance from foreign attack and this led to the eruption of war. The war was also caused by imperialism whereby the country such as Germany wanted to increase its power and control over other countries. These countries defended themselves through war and this led to World War 1 in 1914. Militarism also caused World War 1 because countries such as Germany had built their military and wanted to test the strength of their military by engaging in war.

C. U.S view of Germany transforming

E; National/ Political alignment

Central Power

It was a form of political power used by Germany and Austria-Hungary during World War 1 and it was formed triple alliance

Allied Power

Political power formed by Triple entente

3. Neutral power

Neutral power is the power used by both the alliances namely triple alliance and entente

F: US neutrality difficult to maintain

He would not be listened to by the central powers

Many people were putting pressure on him to act

Britain was their main trading partner (Kerr, 1967).


3. Sinking of the lusitaniaHappened in 1915 when Germany had a submarine war with UK.

Lusitania was the only victim of torpedo attack during the First World War.

4. Sinking of the Sussex

It was sunk by French Army mistakenly during the First World War 1 in 1916.


Free speech movement

The Student Peace Union (SPU),

F: The Zimmerman Telegram

A diplomatic communication between Germany foreign minister and Mexico to form a military alliance before America fight Germany in war 1

G. Wilson declaration of War Speech

1. Four major US Grievances

Great Britain were treating American against their wishes leading to disagreement

Freedom and restriction of locations

The control of the Government

Economic trouble



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