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Historical Essay Example: Kentucky History

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The history of Kentucky takes to account at least three different violent incidences which contributed to its shaping. It also depicts how the events formed stereotypes about Kentucky and the time and place of occurrences. It goes further to mention the people who were directly affected and the causes and outcomes as a result of these events. The first violent incident is noted in the lengthy conflict which occurred between the British and the French. The conflict saw the renewal of the British interest in Kentucky region. The mentioned happened because of the much talk about the region, a situation which made most people develop an interest in the area. The British were able to do away with the presence of the French and formed a stereotype about Kentucky being less dangerous and a place where people can establish a settlement.

The event saw a great increase in population which also exerted much pressure against the mountain barriers. The event took place towards 1763 when King George III issued a proclamation. The event only had two players involved, the British and the French. Their involvement got driven by the need for exercising control in Kentucky owing to the much talk which portrayed the land as attractive. The attraction may also justify the cause of action. The effect saw many people establishing a settlement in Kentucky considering the defeat of the French by the British, a situation which bred peace in the region.

The next violent incident got drawn on the Pontiacs rebellion of 1763 to 1765. The rebellion appeared to give a justification for the position of Crown. One Pontiac, who was the Ottawa chief decided of rolling back the expansion of the British into the lands which extended in the Indian region by making strikes to the British posts especially those located in the Northwest regions before the recovery of the Redcoats from the long war with France. The event saw the Indians capturing some forts although they were later defeated by the British at the Bushy Run at around August 1763 and relieved of the forts which they had captured. The uprising somewhat seemed to have delayed the British expansion of the Kentucky regions, but the victory noted in Bushy Run which was characterized with the breaking the Indian s hold in upper Ohio valley saw the opening some of the Kentucky regions to the immigrants. Therefore, the event like the first one formed a stereotype of Kentucky as a free land where the immigrants can establish a settlement for many decades to come.

As noted in the paper, the timeline for the event was in 1763, and the final defeat of the Indians being at Bushy Run. The main people who were affected were the Indians and the British even though the paper also notes of the recovery of the Redcoat from the long war with the French. The cause for all the occurrences was for the British to delay exercising control of Kentucky until the best moment when it had sorted all the policies and regulations back in London. The effect saw many immigrants moving to Kentucky and establishing a settlement for many decades. The event also saw many long hunters, surveyors and other prospective settlers moving to Kentucky just before the outbreak of the American Revolution period.

The third and last violent event that also contributed to the shaping of Kentucky history gets construed on the exploration of the Western Waters. The genesis of the exploration get traced to the advertisement made Thomas Bullitt between 1730 and 1778 concerning his intention of going to Kentucky and doing several surveys pertaining the military land warrants. He, therefore, had with him a company of at least thirty men with the inclusion of James Harrod and Hubbard Taylor. The choosing of Harrod got informed by his earlier presence in Kentucky as early as 1767 and took the role of a guide for the entire group. It is noted that, towards the end of the summer of 1773, most of the survey work had been completed. The trouble only began when Bullitt tried to register the findings of their survey to one Colonel William Preston who was a surveyor for the newly created Fincastle country.

At the time, there was also a projection of the Indian war, and the surveyors got informed of the impending danger. The events that followed saw huge deaths on the whites with the long hunters and other people in Kentucky perceiving the presence of the surveyors to inform of the intent of the settlers settlement. It is documented that the cause of the event got informed by the British need of knowing particular demarcations of Kentucky are hence sending the surveyors. The violence experienced, therefore, emerged as a result of the anger of the Shawnee considering their claim of Kentucky and other parts of the Ohio Valley. The explained depicted Kentucky as a land of interest which is still under struggle despite the settlement established by the immigrants.

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