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Hilton - A Major Hotel Brand. Research Paper Example.

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Research paper
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Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. is a Hotel brand formerly known as Hilton Hotels Corporation, and its headquarters is in the United States where it operates as a multinational hospitality company. The hotel began its operation on its own, and it serves as a parent company to some other hospitality-related hotels. The hotel was founded in the year 1919, and it has been in operation for over 98 years. The founder of the hotel was Conrad Hilton who placed the hotel in Cisco, Texas, United States. After the incorporation of the company, its headquarters were later transferred to Tyson Corner, Virginia, United States.

Conrad Hilton was on the front line to purchase the hotel when it still had forty rooms in Cisco Texas. As years passed, the founder was able to buy more hotels in Texas and made them be under one bracket of the Hiltons Hotels (Dudovskiy, 2016). In the year 1943, Hilton Hotel was able to purchase Roosevelt Hotel and also Plaza Hotel in New York to make a move of expanding its services when it comes to the provision of hospitality services. In the year 1946, they were able to get the first incorporation after which they started looking for more markets outside the United States. Currently, the hotel brand is located in over five thousand places, and each of them is in operation.

Hilton Hotel services people worldwide, and it has over 169000 employees. The employees have been trained to serve customers using the best hospitality techniques, and that is the reason why the hotel has managed to withstand all the economic pressures that have taken places over time. By the year 2017, the hotel had a record of about 5100 properties, and some of them are in the form of timeshares (Dudovskiy, 2016). Currently, the hotel has its subsidiaries in over 103 countries, and the total of rooms that is has added up to 838000.

Hilton Hotel has grown to come up with other smaller brands under it, and they include Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Garden Inn, DoubleTree by Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Hampton by Hilton, Embassy Suites Hotels, and Tru by Hilton (Dudovskiy, 2016). All these brands serve customers using the same hospitality techniques that are seen at the headquarters, and that is the reason why it has been in existence for many years. The brand takes part in resourceful and meaningful advertisements so that it can be able to compete and remain relevant in a market that is full of players.

Hilton Hotel as a brand offers some hospitality related services. For instance, the hotel engages in the provision of world-class guest resorts, exquisite accommodations, selling of curio collections, provision of fast foods, after sales transport services and conferences (Dudovskiy, 2016). Apart from providing people with hospitality services, the hotel has been able to offer sponsorship to the United States Olympic Team. The company allocates some of the funds that it obtained from running of its business to help the less fortunate in the society since not all of them can afford the services that they offer.

The hotel has been rewarding its customers whenever they appreciate the services that they offer. Hilton Hotel makes use of the social platforms to get feedback from customers based on the way they serve them (Dudovskiy, 2016). This means that it is mostly concerned with customer care and customer satisfaction since it leads to customer loyalty. The guest loyalty program that has been put in place ensures that hotel maintains the customers that it has over a given period. Some of the approaches that the hotel takes to keep its customers and maintain their loyalty include providing them with free services whenever they visit the hotel over five times consecutively. The hotel also offers the customers with free transport from their buildings heading to their destination. In this way, the hotel manages to keep all the guests and even win their loyalty for an extended period before getting an alternative hospitality company that offers similar services.

The most recent statistics and financial records show that the hotel has been making a yearly revenue of US$ 11.66 billion. The operating income of the hotel per year is US$ 1.86 billion, the net income of the hotel is US$ 1.26 billion, the total assets are US$ 26.21 billion, and total equity is US$ 5.85 billion. The hotel is ranked 36th when it comes to the revenue that it makes per year, and this is due to the different economies in which its subsidiaries are operating. There are franchisees of the company that is yet to set up more prominent constructions to increase the areas of hospitality service provision, and this is likely to increase its revenue.

The organizational structure of the brand consists of a CEO who is the team leader and the person responsible for all the activities that are taking place in the company. The CEO ensures that all the subsidiaries are operating as per the expectations and that all the departments are creating positive amounts of the outputs (Dudovskiy, 2016). There is also the Secretary-General who is in charge of the leadership and management affairs of the company. There is the human resource manager who takes care of the human resource issues of the employees and also ensures that those who are recruited have the characteristics that are acceptable. This is an optimal structure for the brand because it does not have to engage many officials who might cause confusions and untrustworthy deals on behalf of the company.

The Central Reservation System used by the brand is an optimal CRS because it makes use of the current and update mechanisms (Mouby, 2017). The system can handle over one thousand reservations made by customers over a short period. The customers can book online, and the tickets and card numbers are processed faster, and one does not have to wait for many days before getting them. Those who are not able to beat the deadline are provided with a refund scheme where they get back their booking money, and this shows that the CRS that Hilton uses is perfect.

The Revenue Management System of the brand is optimal. This is because it is comprised of a scheme that is used to monitor the market share and all forms of profitability that comes in that line. The system also has a way in which one can identify the value-added benefits that occur as a result of information sharing (Mouby, 2017). The system has been designed in such a way that the leaders and people responsible can monitor and manage the other subsidiary hotels depending on the region in which they are located. In that case, the making of revenue decision becomes more comfortable.

The hotel industry in which Hilton Hotel operates has characteristics that make it unique. The hotel industry is characterized by the aspect of being intangible. The kind of services that the sector offers are not tangible and do not have any form of concrete elements (Jaume, 2013). For instance, the customers are only provided with the accommodation and transport services which are not tangible in any way. The products that are available in the hotel industry have a lifespan that depends on the rate at which they are consumed. This means that they are sold according to the tastes and preferences of the market. In most cases, ownership within the hotel industry is based on companies and partnerships. The market, concerning hotel industry is full of players, and each of them offers different services. Thus, the kind of competition that they portray is healthy, and that makes them work harder and smart.

For the hotel industry to thrive, the users and managers are supposed to be familiar with the automation applications that are at their disposal. The industry needs them to be well conversant with the property management systems (Jaume, 2013). The property management systems are used to monitor the rate at which the food, fuel, rooms or other property are used. The communication systems facilitate communication between one hotel and other. Also, they help in getting in touch with the customers, especially when making bookings and reservations.

The guests who book the rooms are supposed to be sure of the safety of the items and luggage that they leave in the room. In this case, the hotel industry needs to incorporate room locking systems that are combined with the security systems. The room locking systems help in ensuring that the rooms are always closed regardless of whether they are occupied or not (Jaume, 2013). On the other hand, the security systems carry out surveillance the hotel environments to assure the visitors that they are safe and anyone who seems to be suspicious is also dealt with appropriately.



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