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Challenges Facing Communication Channels - Paper Example

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The business world has extensively grown across the word creating more markets and at the same time contributing to globalization and vice versa. As the world translates into a global village, communication elements are influenced in different ways. For example, real communication breakthrough feedbacks have been generated around the globe, and this could be accredited to the growth of information and technology sector. Although there is a lot to acknowledge about communication development and its positive impact in the business world, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the fact that more negative implications are in recognition too. In this case, communication challenges present as a result of globalization will be evaluated.

Today, it is easier than before to reach a person, a client or a business partner from any part of the world. Business engineers have recognized the vast impact generated by the presence of improved communication channels, and every day more businesses are expanding across the globe, and new potential markets across the world have been tapped. Communication has a lot of impacts whether verbal or nonverbal. When both communication methods are applied together well, then the message is better delivered and probably better understood. For globalization to be a success, communication challenges need to be minimized. Traditionally communication challenges were different from today. Historically there was no internet; communication was by mail, a method that took longer for a message to be passed, derailing growth and development in many ways. Today communication channels continue to increase. Mobile phones, social media, email, Skype among many others have made communication easier.

The presence of improving information technology and communication channels has caused a shift and creation of new challenges that were nonexistence in the business world in the past. As businesses globalize, new cultural environments are invaded. Communication in the new environment is met by new challenges such as language barrier. One may have all the knowledge and skill to sell or develop a business, but the language barrier makes it difficult to deliver the message efficiently or sell. Sometimes as a business person, one might be conversant with the language, but interaction and use of nonverbal communication may become a problem. For example, conversations made in the United States of America both verbal and non-verbal are differently received when applied in China or many of the Asian continent. Communication has more to it that business people have to learn when venturing into new territories and is a communication challenge arising and need to be addressed.

Although information and technology have made communication better achieved, the time difference is a challenge. A message passed to reach potential client across the globe may reach some countries but fail in others. The communication challenge, in this case, will be that, while a message is designed to be read by all, it may get some people asleep and hence the message fails to reach every person as expected. For sellers who seek market using social media communication channels, sometimes a message posted on social media never get to be read by all people, only those awake at that time can read the news.

Virtual communications are every day, but often they are not seriously taken, unlike when people are in a group conversation. Through virtual interaction, questions are not well asked to seek clarity. In other cases, virtual messages lack etiquette, and they virtual interactions are never taken seriously.

After being in the business market for sometimes, I have realized the companies I have worked with local and international are going through these communication challenges as listed above. Businesses are failing to gain the expected momentum and market as scheduled due to communication challenges. For the business to thrive communication need to be improved as globalization intensify. The changes will enable business people, and enterprises attain set targets. To address the challenges for example business owners must be willing to put in the work to learn the diverse cultures of the world and the communication differences. The effort will aid in tapping new markets with ease and longer. Geographical differences in company locations and client base need to be recognized; messages need to be dispatched based on the receiver timeline. For those using virtual interaction, a training program on how to use the system at ease need to be applied. Virtual interaction users need to be trained on the use of etiquettes.

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